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Chapter 6 - Ringel at night shift

Chapter 6 - Ringel at night shift


Ringel had made himself invisible in the evening. He thought that otherwise Rachel would stay up too late. Ringel set himself next to Rachel’s bed and tuned himself to the neighbourhood. Though he could not hear like humans do, he knew what the neighbours still awake said and thought of in their homes, he saw people’s dreams and felt the nature settle for rest. Ringel emitted more peacefulness to the neighbourhood.

Ringel might look like a little boy, but he was almost as old as time itself. He had travelled the worlds, studied life, and as a guardian angel helped numerous children and grown-ups onward with their lives. Now Rachel needed him, and he would never leave Rachel alone even for a fraction of second, even though Rachel would not be able to see him every moment.

Ringel knew that Rachel had been lonely since the move. He wanted Rachel to have friends. That required some organising. There were less than ten kids under the age of ten living in the neighbourhood and if Rachel did not make friends with any of them, her life would be far too lonely for far too long.

Ringel knew Rachel’s Dad and Mom from before. He had also followed Rachel’s life since she was born. Today he had come into Rachel’s life as a friend that only Rachel could see.

Ringel set out to work. Before the school was to start quite many things would need to happen and they required a lot of organising.




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