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Chapter 1 - Rachel meets the flying boy

Chapter 1 - Rachel meets the flying boy
Rachel was taking a nap at the hammock. She was having the most beautiful dream of greenest grass, flowers in all the colours of the rainbow, humming trees, a slowly drifting river and white clouds that floated at the sky like cotton balls. She saw herself in the dream collecting a bouquet of the most elegant baby blue and pink flowers.

In the dream she was wearing the same clothes that she wore awake: a pink summer shirt and knee-high yellow trousers with pale blue flowers decorating them. When Rachel was awake she wore brown summer sandals in her feet, but in the dream she had taken them off and walked in the flower meadow with her bare feet.
Rachel’s long blond hair flew freely in the gentle breeze, and the brightness of her blue eyes was only equal to the brilliance of the blue sky above.

Suddenly the clouds of the dream sky started assembling together and changed into one thin elongated cloud that had a huge head. It looked like an enormous cotton swab! Rachel started waking up.
A cloud that looked like a cotton candy was hovering above her head. Rachel squinted her eyes. The cotton candy started to gain form. It had a nicely smiling face, brown hair, green eyes, blue clothes and golden yellow WINGS! And there was a round circle around its head, just like a bagel that was not fully baked.
- Who are you?, asked Rachel astonished.
- I am your guardian angel, replied the flying boy.
- There is no way my guardian angel could be a boy!, exclaimed Rachel amazed while the remnants of her sleep rapidly scurried away.
- Indeed, now there is!, confirmed the flying boy and flew loops in the air.

Rachel mused for a while, glancing every now and then at the boy flying the loops. He did have wings, not like those feathery ones that birds have, but like the wings of a butterfly woven of the finest golden silk, and there he was just happily flying in the air. But surely a boy cannot be a girl’s guardian angel! The whole idea was totally absurd!
Rachel did not know much about angels. On the wall of her room there was a picture where an angel watches over a little boy and a girl crossing a decayed bridge over a brook. Rachel had sometimes wondered what angels actually were but she had never anticipated meeting one. Rachel was not at all afraid since Mom had told her that angels help people but hide from their eyes.
- What is your name?, asked Rachel.
- I do not have a name that you could pronounce but it is written like this.

The flying boy drew sparkling arches in the air with his finger. The signs glimmered there for a moment and then vanished.
- This is my name in angel language, said the flying boy.

Rachel was familiar with capital letters but those did not look anything like them. Rachel rolled the tongue in her mouth and searched for the right positions of lips, but the sparkling arches did not fit in any combination of tongue and lips. After a while Rachel gave up.
- I cannot say that. I have to give you a name that I can say.
Rachel thought for a moment.
- I am going to call you Ring Angel.
- What is a ring?, asked the flying boy.
- It is round like a bagel.
- But a name cannot be anything to eat! Otherwise somebody very hungry might eat it, laughed the flying boy and turned upside down in the air.
- But if nobody can pronounce your real name, what would be the point of eating your name even if it were possible? Otherwise you would be nameless again and then someone would have to invent yet another name for you. It is troublesome to create names!

Both were thinking in silence for a while. The flying boy thought that there was something very funny about the way Rachel was thinking, but Ring Angel sounded much better than A Loop-Flying Boy or A Guardian Angel in Blue Clothes that the flying boy had seen Rachel think. Finally, the flying boy turned right side up in the air and broke the silence.

- All right then. You can call me Ring Angel, but let’s make it Ringel for short!
- Oh, how nice! This calls for a celebration!, cheered Rachel and bounced off the hammock. - Let's go and have bagels and juice!

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