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Rachel and Ringangel

Rachel and Ringangel is a book written for children. It is offered free of charge for the children of the world, either young by age or young at heart.

If you like the story, please say a small prayer on behalf of the author and her family or send a warm thought. Feel also free to link to this page to spread the message.

With Blessings,
Asta Tuominen
author and full copyrights owner

Images copyright © Johanna Jääskö www.patinanlahjapaja.fi

#Article TitleHits
1Chapter 1 - Rachel meets the flying boy2266
2Chapter 2 - Vanishing bagel and juice1770
3Chapter 3 - Smiling buggie stings1804
4Chapter 4 - Gloomy Gang of Blueberry Road2204
5Chapter 5 - Queen in danger1550
6Chapter 6 - Ringel at night shift2039
7Chapter 7 - Beauty pageant of flowers2125
8Chapter 8 - Mom and Dad's murmur-secret1964
9Chapter 9 - Cotton jaws of the big black dog1765
10Chapter 10 - A seemingly dead frog3188
11Chapter 11 - Cantonese Cat Flu1834
12Chapter 12 - Rachel's extraordinary dream1544
13Chapter 13 - The black-clad girl1696
14Chapter 14 - Cube of heart1490
15Chapter 15 - Family gathering1885
16Chapter 16 - Ringel's gift1557
17Chapter 17 - Rachel's school morning1569
18Bagel recipe1657
19Children's games1537