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Sep 2 2010 - Now


Yesterday, my attention was directed to water. By the end of the day, I was much more aware of it. Water is life. Water is all our emotions. Water is our essence, the flow of life, at the same time separate and united. I was given the chance to cry over gratitude and deep sadness, just to show the power of tears, pearls of emotion.
Today... is still unfolding...



Today is a lesson of staying in the moment of now. Yesterday you experienced it from a new perspective, from your higher self. You noticed that you really need to keep the focus on this moment and not give it up to your ego that dwells in the past and the future, both are figments that can be viewed from numerous perspectives but contain very little new information as they are not here now. They are fabrications of ego. Memories are ego's essence and ego uses them to try to guide you. Ego is the third dimensional part of you and it cannot guide you in higher dimensions. During the shift it is advisable just to let the river carry you. You do not have the powers of creator yet so stay in the moment and let the moment of now expand. You don’t need to do anything. The way is opening in the moment of now. Trust.

What is now, is the feeling. The experience of the feeling. Through experience you can create wisdom and you can use that wisdom to make this world a better place for all humans. You know what feels good and what does not feel good. Feeling good... that is the world to create.

We know you are tired. (Actually, I am really tired of energy work. I am 45 years old and this summer has been the test of all times, words cannot express going into to void and letting go of everything, including hope. I have been listening to this song by Nightwish in YouTube over and over again, it so well describes the feeling of these days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjA8kuVtM84 )
Hold on. It is done. No more void. No more surrender. It is done.

There are still some Lightworkers who are experiencing what they were destined to experience but the shift is done. It exists now as an opening getting ever wider through all the Lightworkers of Earth for everyone to go through. You did it. All of you. Together, separate, like water. You knew without knowing what needed to be done. You were an inseparable part of it, water.
Today, learn to stay in the moment of now. All day. When your thoughts get astray, bring your focus back to this moment. No past, no future. Just now. This is the moment when miracles happen. Only in this moment can you create. Stay in this moment. Stay open for creation.

We are here. We love all of you. Feel us. we are the Elohim of Earth. You. Remember who you truly are. You are us.


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