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Sep 1 2010 - Water


Let's talk about water. It is liquid, it is chrystal, it is in the air, it is part of you, a major part, that is, and it is part of everything.

Why do you drink water every day? Why are you looking at the glass of water on the table (as I am) and still not know what it is?

Now. Let's go back to the time you channeled the book and find the passage about water. (At which point I go to the book channeled years ago and find the last chapter, The Testament, that I already sent to one precious member of Lightworkers. I attach it here.)


Love each manifestation of the Earth as a manifestation of yourself.

Think of yourself as water, in constant change. Some parts of you have already reached the vast ocean, other parts are just drops of water soon raining down on a forest, field or mountain, to one day join a tiny brook, winding its way to the river. Accept that the tiny drop of water has no idea of the brook yet, let alone the river leading to the vast ocean. Let the drop find its own way to the unity of water.

Each drop will find the unity in its unique way. No two drops have the same route. Gently allow the drop of water experience its way the best it can. If it fails, it will evaporate and come back as a new droplet, already prepared to choose differently this time. Rest assured. If you feel like that drop of water, alone and not knowing your way, just Trust that the way is there for you to find. You will be helped by yourself as Soul, by Angels and by me who am the Ocean of You. Do not be afraid. I have taken every step that you have, I have made every selection that you have, I have seen all that you have. I have always been in you, part of you.

Through your senses I have sensed all that you have ever sensed. I know all about you, since the moment you were born and beyond, and I love you. Sometimes during your travel you may have chosen unwisely but you have learned from that experience and you are wiser the next time. You have always been perfect and beautiful in my eyes, even when no-one else saw it, not even you. Sometimes you chose to follow another droplet, wanting to travel a ready-made path. You did not know then that you had to find your own way. Maybe you got lost.

Find you own way now. Become conscious of your journey to the river and the Ocean of Oneness. You are already water, inseparable in your essence. I love you.


Question: Okay Elohim, what is water?

Answer: It is an element that provides your subconsciousness new information of One each day. It cleans the old and replaces it with new. It is you. Water is you. When you reach a level where you can view water as part of you, water becomes alive for you. Remember what Jesus did? It's only a thought away now. Now water is providing you information, when you fully open and become aware of it in a much deeper sense, it will offer you its wisdom and work with you.

Question: Is everything always only a thought away?

Answer: Yes. Only a thought away.

Question: Anything else you wish to share?

Answer: Water is enough for one day. Contemplate on it...

*I feel the smile behind those words*...


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