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Aug 30 2010 - Words are Worlds


"You are looking at the blue rose of the pendant (as it happened, I was). This is it. The rose, when it opens up, is like the human being becoming aware, ascending, enlightening himself or herself, becoming part of the Light."

"Now, let's illuminate someone with this message.
Guess what, let's illuminate all the people with this message."

"How can words illuminate?", I am asking, smiling.

"Words are worlds."

Eternity. Love. Joy. Feast. Yellow. Gold. Diamond. Blue. Pink. Lavender. Moon. Daisy. See it all. Through your miraculous eyes. And the best part of it is that it was all created for you to appreciate and experience through your senses.

You are multiple existences in one package. Just through accepting it you start opening up to all of you. You are everything. And that you become aware of. You came here to become One, as the being that you are right now.

Your blood line has been modified during your journey on Earth to make it possible for you to become aware of yourself. When you look back, there have been glorious sivilizations that all came to an end. You are experiencing now the end of your civilization but this time it does not end in destruction. It shifts to a new level of awareness. Everyone, who in their heart wish to evolve, will shift to the new level, to the New Earth.

The New Earth is about unity and sharing. No longer separation and ego-driven greed. You will unite in levels beyond your imagination. Nations will unite, separation ends. People will work together because it's fun. It feels good to cultivate carrots to feed the people of the world. It feels right to prepare the potato field for the spring. It feels glorious to accept Mother Earth's gifts to make your body light. Mother Earth is already Light, feel it. Mother Earth has already made the shift. She is home in Light.

Your blood carries an enormous amount of information. It is Light alive. You, as soul, have stepped into many blood lines to absorb the information. Hundreds and thousands of lives. In this life time you will remember the lives that brought you Light, and not the ones that you experienced for other reasons. This life time is a new beginning where you re-member with all that you are, to create anew.

Let the rose always remind you of your journey. Admire the petals when they open up. See the rose in its full glory baring all that it is to anyone and everyone to see. That rose is you. Beautiful, bare, intricate, full of Light. The rose does what it was destined to do: shine its beauty. This is now every humans destiny: shine like the rose. You are a human rose. Shine your Light. Be who you were destined to be. You. All of you.

We are with you, always. Trust. We are the Elohim, Earth creators. Now step up to our shoes and create as you were destined to create. Trust.


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