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Sep 9 2010 - Support of Sirians

A couple of days ago a new guide showed up. He introduced himself as Ajax from the Sirius system and was so pushy that I practically kicked him out before he was even hired. Since then I have been feeling this power within me that I haven't felt in years. It turned out that this new guide was sticking around, teaching me about my personal power zone without me consciously knowing it. The guide then passed my "personal testing" and was okayed to work as a guide. We have had a couple of funny conversations as he is very authoritative, almost military type and I find that absolutely amusing.

I know nothing about Sirius, except that it’s related to dogs. It just so happens that dogs have been brought into my attention in all possible ways in the last couple of days to show that the new guy is okay.


I am Ajax and I come from a star system that has already experienced shifts. I am here to help humans to achieve their shift. I offer experience and power.

When you pass through the veils of dimensions you are passing through multiple layers of existence. It will feel like moving through layers of dreamworlds.

The Lightworkers have been through a thorough preparation for this. You have encountered and gone through so many stages of fear, that you are able to face anything. Trust yourself. Your first reaction may still be fear when something unexpected happens but you know how to take it under control, and furthermore, you are courageous. It is not about being fearless, it is about having the guts and courage.

There are tools that you can use when experiencing the shift. One is the feeling of Oneness, another is keeping your Heart open and focusing on Love, third is using power symbols, fourth is encountering whatever comes and dealing with it there and then, and so on.

This channel will do it fully aware with an open Heart, knowing that all is Love. (Thanks for the information, Ajax =)

She can sometimes scare easily so I am teaching her to use symbols that are condensed energy, so if she starts feeling fear she can redirect her focus on the symbols that move her away from the fear state. Feeling fear is very human, it is a basic instinct of survival.

She will be using the four symbols that she has received from her guides and Elohim during her journey. The symbols are very simple and to her they mean Protection, Healing, Elohim and Angels/Love.


I am also making her aware of her personal power. She has been feeling it for two days now and seems to enjoy this state of experiencing. (I DO!!!)

You can all claim your personal power now. It belongs to you. It also increases your courage. When you stand centered in your personal power you are mighty already as human.

Many of you will experience the shift free of fear, knowing that fear is not real, but to those who still carry that aspect within you, we offer tools and training because we wish you to experience the shift smoothly, embracing the miracle.

We, the Sirians, represent power and if you wish any assistance from us, just call upon us. We are here to help in Love and Light.


Indeed, when I am within this power, I walk with my back straight, stomach in, shoulders back, feeling strong.

I am grateful for the help that Sirians and all the other civilizations are offering to us now. And indeed, we are really not alone in this; it is a joint effort.

We may not be aware of each other but we are doing this as water flowing down the river, as One.


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