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Aug 29 2010 - Ego and Soul


Ego is the last barrier between you and what you truly are. Ego is the phantom that polarity created within you, to allow you experience the polarity. Ego is part of you in the three dimensional world, but it is not the real you. It is like the clothes you put on when you appear in front of others. Very few humans would be willing and able to go out without their clothes on. That is what ego is. The appearance. Clothes.

When you surrender, when you go into the void, nothingness, you wear nothing. You become nothing. You give up everything that you ever were. You become empty. There is nothing left of you. No thing. Just you.
The void is an experience created to leave the old you behind, the ego, because it will not serve you any longer. It has done its job in polarity. Ego dies.

And your beautiful soul takes its place.

It is beautiful to start experiencing life on Earth as soul. Every moment is meaningful. You shine. You become so much more in so many ways. Ego was a prelude, a dance of forces within you, allowing you to experience what you came to Earth to experience. When you have experienced whatever your soul plan included, ego dies, it dispels into the colors of your experiences and new colors take its place, the colors of your soul, the next level of you.

The joy, the freedom, the peace… to be a soul on Earth. To view the world through your eyes, being alive on Earth…
Your soul loves. Soul is love. Feel your soul.

You came to this life to become a new you, the soul you, the creator of New Earth. The old has served its purpose and its time for you to step out of your chrysalis and become aware of your wings. You can fly.

Spread your wings now. Feel your power. There is a new now, the moment you have been preparing for through so many life experiences. The moment of now is fragile. Trust. Be the you you came here to experience, in this life time. Lift your being to be who you are. You are an angel, a creator, and much, much more. Feel it.

We are with you. Myriads of angels are accessing your energy field to help you in any way we can. The old Earth is experienced, the New Earth awaits its creators. Become the One that you came here to become. Be the you that you truly are. Fly. Shine. Be.
To be a human in these times is something vast. To break out from the ego is a miracle. You are the miracle. Fly… high… fly with us… you are safe... trust your wings.

There have been veils upon veils upon veils to experience life as ego-driven human. Now the veils are lifted up so that you can experience living on Earth as soul. It is true. Trust. You are ready now.


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