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Aug 28 2010 - Wisdom


Wisdom is experience formed of learning, often repeatedly, until it crystallizes into a diamond. Wisdom is created to share because it raises awareness and thus, vibration. Wisdom is Light. It is why worlds are created, to learn everything there is to learn in that world. Wisdom.

Have you ever wondered the mystery of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones? They evolved in Earth, they are Earth’s wisdom. They carry the wisdom of Earth within themselves. They are precious information in the form of a stone. Miracles made by Mother Earth on her journey, for you to appreciate. She made them for you.

Every planet and every star you see at the sky is wisdom. Ancient, tested, there to shine the wisdom upon anyone who pauses to take it in. Every tree and plant you see offers you its wisdom freely. All you need to do is to pause and let the wisdom become part of you. See how the birch tree awakens in spring. See it open all its leaves in synchrony. See the leaves take in the sunlight, basking in divine Light. Be aware of the tree carrying the Light into its roots, into Earth. Every tree you see, every plant you see, is a Lightworker for Earth. Amazing.

You are very special. So special that the truth about you is hidden from yourself. If you knew the whole truth, you would think you’ve become mad. It is so huge. *We are smiling now in Joy*

You… where even to begin. There were universes before this one. Eons of them. Before them there were other existences. Eons of them. Before them there was awareness. This awareness is you. You created everything. Everything. You are the One, in this lifetime, in this Earth experience, experiencing a limited awareness. But you have all the possibilities to become aware and enlightened in this lifetime. All you need is… to be who you are in the essence of your Heart.

Awakening is a unique journey to each soul. It is literally like peeling layers of illusions hiding the truth. When you reach the essence of who you are, when you experience the LIGHT that you are, when you expand to the ONE that you are, you are in awe of yourself. At that moment, everything clicks into its place. You know.

We hope this message echoes in your Heart and continues to do that all your life as a seed of Faith, ever growing. We love you beyond words. We are you, you are us. We are one. We are the angels that surround you every moment of your life. Every moment of your life.

You are creating diamonds of wisdom for One. You are loved beyond words…


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