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Aug 26 2010 - Maitreya


Who or what is Maitreya? Maitreya is an awareness of all that humankind in this and other universes has ever experienced. Maitreya is the history of humankind and, soon, the potential. On Earth this will emerge in 2012 when humankind as a species mutates to creatorkind, when the balance on Earth is tipped from humans to creators with new DNA and light codes.

Maitreya as an awareness can be reached by anyone who has the vibration high enough to tap into it. When you reach that level you will view the world and everything in it differently. You see what needs to be redirected from its current path. Everything so far has evolved to a certain direction, to polarity's extremes, but the New Earth is not about polarity, it is about values.

A creator with soul consciousness cannot turn his or her eyes away from the pain of a fellow-creator. The new species based on human bloodline sees all equal. There is no reason for suffering. The world will change. To have enough is enough. Being rich on the outside when someone dies of hunger or a disease caused by unclean water is not right in the New Earth. In the old Earth it was alright because souls were experiencing extremes, it was how it was planned, it served a purpose. It is now experienced and there is no reason for more suffering. It is done.

The New Earth is based on values and everyone shifting to the New Earth will choose the values they want to experience. Values are derived directly from Light, they are manifestations of Light. Imagine the scale of color dispersed from Light: yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, green and all their shades. These are values at the creator level. Meditate on them and let the colors reveal themselves to you. Feel the Joy of Yellow. Feel the Divine of Gold. Radiate them from your heart. You come from Light, you live in Light, you are returning to Light. Re-member.

The world around you was an experience created for limited awareness to experience all it can within the limitations. All has been experienced now, there is no more to experience for the collective consciousness. The library is full. It is time for a new experience, to change the world from ego-driven experience to a soul-guided experience of co-creating and sharing. The time of loneliness is over. The time of togetherness is now.

Earth is such a beautiful planet and you will experience her beauty in a new level soon. Patience. It is already done. The divine plan is unfolding right now and you are its glorious executor.



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