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Sep 8 2010 - Information concerning the shift


Instead of the familiar Earth Elohim I today received information from a new acquaintance, the system Elohim.


Information concerning the shift

We are guiding, this is new. So far you have received different kind of guidance, now you experience our guidance. We are the creator team of the New Earth, part of cosmic order. We are a collective creator, we consist of creators of other systems. Elohim continues in Earth’s aspects. We are a different kind of Elohim. We are a system Elohim.

Angels belong to another system, but we cooperate with angel hierarchy. Open your channel.

The Earth was created in several phases. Each time when the aspects of the phase had been realized, a shift occurred, where the phase was stepped up to the next level to realize itself. The Earth has experienced numerous shifts. It has been freed to realize itself.

The Earth has not always been aware of itself, instead, like human, has experienced very limited awareness. Through shifts the Earth has grown in its awareness and is now ready for the mass shift of consciousness. Actually, the Earth has already shifted, but it experiences as two in the same space. Thus it can still aid the creation in the shift by creating exit portals, and simultaneously it can already support those who have made their personal shift and move between the third and fifth dimension, adjusting to dimensions. The shift already functions at two levels, although the time and space are almost identical, so identical that at the human level you do not see any difference except when you are experiencing the fifth dimension in the moment of now.

The system Elohim aids both the Earth and its creation in the shift. We oversee that the Earth and its inhabitants cooperate. We work on everything that shifts.

Human bodies are undergoing massive change. You will radiate the light that you are when you pass the portal of death. Your light will be manifold compared to the previous quota and every cell has to be tuned to be able to tolerate carrying it. There are several tuning periods so that you are able to adjust to the new of light. Everybody who shifts is now experiencing symptoms of this lighting process when light is increased and tuned so that the cells of your body can adjust to the new light. There are group attunements but also personal attunements.

The members of the star alliances are on Earth doing this lighting and tuning work. The periods in between, that is the adjusting periods, humans are taken care of by the angels. The animals will be lighted as group. Fauna and minerals adjust with the Earth.

The undivided One has on Earth stretched into time. Every human is a unit of time. When the timelines of all humans are brought together and they become a shared moment of now, the humankind shifts.

This is enough.


At this point I invite the Earth Elohim to clarify. The channeling above came at times very quickly, at times there were long pauses. Energy felt “assertive”.


We are the familiar Earth Elohim and we continue assisting the shift. The system Elohim takes care of the actual shift. As you know, the Light Workers have been preparing themselves for the shift for years by transforming themselves into conduits of Light. Together you form a network of Light. Each one of you have learned to activate kundalini in your spine. When activated your spine is a conduit of Light between Earth and higher dimensions. At a certain point in time you will all be led to activate your kundalini and this is when the mass shift takes place. The human will make the shift for the humankind.

There is already a passageway for the shift between the dimensions. Your have been creating it with full awareness and also in your sleep. When you all together activate your kundalini, you form such a powerful network of Light that a quantum leap occurs; it is like a sound would jump to the next octave.

All the people who have chosen to shift are not mentally ready for it, so it is time to start thinking of how to support those whose world falls apart. Strengthen your Love towards humankind so that you can assist in everything needed in all possible ways.

Everything is alright. Trust.


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