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Aug 25 2010 - Shift from Earth to New Earth


The Earth has multiple dimensions and now there are two where people reside. One is the so-called old Earth and the other the New Earth. The shift is unique to every individual. The way showers will experience it mostly in meditation, the mass shift will happen otherwise. The way showers are the ones to guide the rest through; this is why they do it with full awareness. All it takes is to find that fearless state of mind of child's trust and faith. To find this state of mind, the utter trust, way showers are stripped of everything. It sounds cruel but when you think about it, it means that you are entering the New Earth bare, without attachment, without old beliefs, without anything else but you and your highest values. You can do it. This is why you have experienced hundreds and thousands lives on Earth. This is it.

When you enter the New Earth, you first learn to guide your creator lights. You become aware that your consciousness guides true light. You become aware that when you think, you create. Polarity with its negative extremes does not exist in the New Earth. Dualism still prevails: man and woman, light and darkness, body and experience. When you enter the New Earth at a sacred moment during meditation, polarity and the New Earth co-exist. Polarity is the omega, the end, and the New Earth is the alpha, the new beginning. When polarity ends, the moment you shift to the New Earth, you become a creator, the beginning of a new species.

The whole Earth has been dominated by polarity. We, together with others, built a dimension parallel to it, available for those that light themselves enough to be able to make the shift, as agreed in their soul contracts. Polarity will continue in many people's lives until they die. These dimensions are truly parallel, part of the people live in the old third dimension with polarity and another part lives in the new third to fifth dimension without polarity. The creators, that is, the people who make the shift, are able to move within these dimensions and reach ever higher dimensions.

When the last person experiencing polarity dies, the old world of polarity ceases to exist and the New Earth continues. All this while, in the coming years, more and more people make the shift by increasing their vibration, that is their light quota, in their being, and become creators of the New Earth. For those not choosing to shift to the New Earth, doors of exit will be made available. They still want to experience polarity for their soul evolution, but this will happen in other worlds, not on Earth.

Earth is already new. It is free from polarity, but not of dualism. The Earth no longer supports people choosing to live in polarity so these people do not feel at home on Earth any longer and feel a longing to get out, to go home. Therefore it does not take a hundred years for polarity to cease; the humans experiencing polarity will exit through their own will and do not wait for natural death to occur. There will also be opportunities for mass exits. All is well, no matter how it seems. All is part of the divine order. All is exactly as it is. There is no coincidence in anything. All is one consciousness.

When you shift from the old Earth to the New Earth, all that you ever experienced is wiped out. You are a free creator. Your new vibration settles in a few days to a steady flow of light and your light quota increases 100 fold. You start integrating with yourself at other existences, yourself in the stars, you as an angel, you as a creator, you in other universes and more. It is big. This information has been blocked from you so far because a human is not capable of handling such huge information. As creator you are entitled to know all of yourself, to expand to all that you are.

Maitreya is coming to help create the New Earth. Maitreya is a consciousness of all that the humankind has ever experienced and learned. Maitreya is a limitless awareness. She is a gift to the human blood line because she is able to present the most beneficial paths to the co-creators of the New Earth. Maitreya is LIGHT.

In essence the shift from the old Earth to the New Earth is transforming from ego based consciousness to soul based consciousness. This will inevitably mean the destruction of old facades that allow people to die of hunger, live an undignified life without self esteem and present people unequal. Every creator is equal, there is no other way.

We are the Elohim. Shine your Light!


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