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May 20 2012, Living in a Body

Living in a Body

If you were following my journey before, you will remember that it ended quite abruptly at the end of January 2011 in an unpleasant experience of being the ultimate one in the universe, there was nothing outside of me; an utterly lonely experience that took a long time to overcome.

At that point my guides told me that the journey will continue, but mostly through bodily changes.

The relentless release processes had taken me on the verge of personal bankruptcy, made me a hermit and left me void of myself: an empty cup to be refilled. I knew that through the experience I had carried seven values to create with in the new Earth. The first value to create with was courage and it took me out in the open, into politics and a forum keenly followed by the Finnish media, where I write by my own name, being as open and honest as I possibly can. On the fifth of May, I was accepted as a candidate in the municipal elections taking place on the 28th of October 2012, 

The party that I represent is called Muutos 2011, Change 2011, and its main goals are direct democracy, freedom of speech and protecting national interests of the Finnish citizens.

But the bodily changes. I got a part time job around October last year as a waitress of a pizzeria. Spending 7 hours a day on my feet for three days a week was pure torture - I had spent the last years either meditating or sitting at the computer, my body was asleep. On the 19th of December I got a full-time job as a cleaning lady, responsible for my part of keeping a large public building clean and representable to visitors. This has meant that I spent 8 hours a day five days a week on my feet and friends, the body has been changing fast. From a couch potato I have turned into a rather flexible and durable being who rather spends the lunch hour cleaning than taking a break from the physical work. It feels like I have been offered a chance to spend 8 hours a day at a gym and I get paid for exercising! The pay is not so good but at least I am able to get out and be around people which, only 16 months ago, was a distant dream. Once again, it feels like everything is happening exactly as planned.

On the spiritual side, I have been hibernating. I still have my guides checking up on me but they don't really "guide" any longer, they rather urge me to create. We are the LIGHT and we need to learn to manage our creator powers on our own, one step at the time, individually and collectively.

I've been experiencing the small, daily miracles to keep my faith up, as well as receiving the "musical messages" whenever in need of a small boost. Just a few days ago I heard coughing in an office room at the corridor where I was cleaning a space. The coughing went on and on. In the end I felt the need to go and see who's coughing. There was a small girl lying on the floor at the office of her mother. They had just come from a doctor that had ordered the girl some cough syrup with the diagnosis of bronchitis. I asked the mother and the girl if I could try energy healing on her. As the answer was yes, I took some balancing breaths and started to work on her. My healing hand went directly to her stomach area and stayed there for a long time and I told them that I find this funny, because I had been expecting the healing to start from the lung area. The mother said that the girl had been complaining about stomach aches all day. At this, my hand started moving upwards to the lungs and finally to the throat, and the session ended. The girl coughed only a couple of times during the healing (approximately 20 minutes) and fell asleep.

The next day the mother came to work with a lively, happy girl that I barely recognized as the ill girl of the previous day. She was pure health! The mother told me that she had slept all day yesterday and woken up in the morning perfectly healthy. They were just coming from the doctor who had declared that all symptoms of the bronchitis had vanished! The mother asked if it was reiki I was practicing and I replied: "No, it's not reiki. It is Love." We all smiled.

And I was left wondering.

Obviously there are no coincidences and this was to confirm me that healing will be a part of my future work. How? It remains to be seen.

Back to the body. I have experienced all kinds of pains in the body during the last 18 months or so but never once went to see a doctor, because these pains are part of the ongoing transformation process. The lights (i.e. the values) are released one by one. I don't know which values are being processed at the moment but I trust the process, fully. I have also lost a lot of weight and was trying out summer dresses a few days ago - they all fit beautifully! I was amazed to see my reflection in the mirror, I could barely recognize myself! So if you are still carrying the extra transformation energy in your body, trust that when the time is right, it will simply melt away. And you will feel utterly grateful of the experience.

Financially I'm still struggling but have passed the point where I would worry about it. I know this is how it's supposed to go. It is enough just to do one's best without struggling.

And finally, I am back. I will start writing the Luxonia messages at least once a month because I feel it's important for us the let each other know how our lives are evolving in the new consciousness. Sorry about the long break, I simply needed all the space for myself and the personal transformation process.

The biggest miracle is that we are still alive after the individual and collective shift of the first wave way showers. Congratulations to all of you reading this! We truly made it!

Now I will turn on the radio and ask for a message for all of us. BIg Mountain, Baby I Love Your Way. How appropriate! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqy2cX9B50A

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