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Sep 16 2010 - Shift status update


On Tuesday evening my kundalini began to rose while working at the computer so I laid myself on the adjacent sofa to see what's coming. After a while the whole spine went rigid, the top of the head seemed to open fully and white light flooded in. The whole body went rigid and muscles went into spasms.

After the exercise my guides told me that this was in preparation for the shift. There were ten others around the world who shared the experience simultaneously.


Yes. It was practice for the shift. You also released one of the values that you brought from the previous Earth level to the new one.

You will start practicing the shift in small teams, unaware of each other but amplifying your Light by doing this together. There will be more and more Lightworkers joining in in the exercise and when the synchronicity is fully in place, all of you join in to make the shift.

Now you are being accustomed to kundalini starting to move by itself. You do not need to worry, it will only happen when it's safe and you are not doing anything that might harm your body.

Kundalini is Light. Kundalini is high intelligence brought to you from higher dimensions. It is not something that has been laying there from your birth. The mechanism has but the Light itself you have brought into yourselves through meditation.

Kundalini is the Will of God, however you want to interpret that. It is part of the Divine Plan, in you, through you. The shift is planned throughout the cosmos and the Divine Plan covers every aspect of it - you are an executor of the Divine Plan on Earth, together with all the Lightworkers who are practicing the rise of kundalini. You are One appearing as many.

When the kundalini starts rising by itself just let it move and trust that it is according to the Divine Plan. Let it become a normal part of you, part of your daily life. From now on you may start experiencing it rise several times a day. Just let it happen.

You all have guides and in these times they may change frequently because they all master various aspects of the human unit and the shift. Just flow.

You have experienced in the last couple of days old energies of polarity moving around, being released. Stay focused within yourself, your energies. You are safe.

Trust the Divine Plan. Trust us. We are the Elohim of Earth. Trust that we know.


I was given a holiday from channeling three days ago, and I also got to spend those three days almost totally outside the fifth dimensional experiencing - to be a human in the third dimensional world. I did not feel at home at all, but longed back to the broadband flow of higher vibrations.

But it made me think. This is how the mainstream lives. These are the people that we need to help after the shift, to assist them to lift from the current level of experience to the next level as smoothly as possible.

I trust that the Divine Plan also covers the most critical post-shift aspects...


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