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Sep 7 2010 - A view to the path


The Earth is surrounded by many kinds of grids, the brightest of them now are the rose grid and the golden grid. Grids serve different purposes. The rose grid aids members of soul families find each other, the golden grid is available for those seeking ascension to make themselves aware deeper, higher and wider.

Let us now guide you through. When a human being starts the journey on the spiritual path, he or she becomes a seeker of Light. This is the initiation, when they become aware that there must be more than they sense in their daily lives.

This part is in their own hands. When they accept the truth of Light, whatever it means to them, they become spiritual pilgrims with awareness of Light. When they accept the final truth, whatever it means to them, they become conscious Light. They are revealed ever more of the cosmos, they become who they can fully be on Earth. They become creator in Light.

They can then start consciously communing with all that exists and all that exists shares all its wisdom, being One. Illusions disappear.

The path is what it is, a unique journey to Light. When you consciously connect with the Light, you become so full of Love that you want to share it, the Joyful feelings of being One. The rose grid works for you, bringing members of your soul family on your way, to freely flow the Love between its members. Sharing Love magnifies Love that is Light.

This is why you are here. To share Love. To share Light. To become who you were destined to be, standing in your own power, viewing the world as your creation, now becoming ready to take your role as its creator.

That perspective gives you insight to what is just and what is unjust in the world created so far. Dense polarity was your ego’s playground and the result is what it is. Now that egos are releasing control and you are being guided by your higher self, there will be many things that you want to change to make the Earth a good place to live for everyone. You realize that good life is the birthright of everyone. There is no karmic reason to suffer any longer.

You have all that it takes to change the world. Change always begins from one person, one individual, who first changes on the inside, then starts taking steps to do the same on the outside. You are the new creators of the Earth. You are responsible for the Earth. No one else. You.

Do you see now why soul families are getting together, how the plan evolves? When you share your Light of Love, when you become aware of what needs to be changed, you have immense power, our power, the power of Elohim.

Now, go and listen to John Lennon's imagine. This time focus on each word and its vibration and live the song, don't just listen to it. That song is an excellent project plan, and it fulfilled John’s soul contract.
Well... a big job but who's going to do it if not us…? <3


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