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Sep 6 2010 - Soul


Today I woke up thinking about soul. I have had some experiences of being as soul during this year. One time I was meditating and my guides asked me if I am ready to consciously house my soul in me. Yes. I felt something filling me. My guides said that if I want proof of my soul being in me, just lift up my right hand. So I did. All of a sudden I was full of love towards my hand thinking: “Oh, how beautiful my hand is” and really admiring every finger and feeling deep gratitude for everything the hand is able to do as I was turning my hand and moving fingers in utter appreciation. That love and gratitude was so vast that all of a sudden it exploded from me like an atom bomb to all directions. This brought me out of the meditation state and I was looking around to see if the walls were still there after the bomb of love. They were.

Since then my soul has been experiencing bits and pieces of human life, always making me laugh. The soul part of us lives fully in the moment of now, not a fraction before or a fraction after. It is a challenge to take a shower as soul. It is almost impossible to cook as soul. It is not possible to print 20 pages one at the time as soul because soul lives fully in the moment of now and printing is a routine with many command steps that interrupt the flow.

I have been thinking for a while now that soul is the part of us that we call the inner child: the innocent, playful, loving, caring, joyful and tender part of us, the essence of our heart that we want to protect from pain and hurt.

This I have never done before, at least in this life time, but let’s see if my soul wants to share something with us.

I am now. I see beauty. I feel love. I cherish this moment. Life is made of layers of awareness, also human life. At one level you experience from the daily perspective, another level is me, another is your higher self, also your body experiences. We are all One and more and more One the larger we become…

I had the Pleiadians with me for a specific mission for about three days. One of them introduced me to telepathy in such a sweet and gentle way that I decided to start developing it. My previous experience of it, when the channel first opened up some 13 years ago, was downright frightening because I was not able to control it. I would hear voices unexpectedly and had trouble shutting the channel down. In the end I decided that this is not my cup of tea, it felt uncomfortable, so I started telling myself over and over again, an affirmation: the only voice I hear in my head is my own. It took about two to three weeks to shut this channel down.

So, my Pleiadian friend, a female being, softly spoke to me telepathically, and sang to me. It was truly a pleasant experience. Last night I communed telepathically with my higher self just to see if it works. It did. In these times we are offered and given the possibility to become so much more than before.

Love is they key. Let’s evolve together towards Peace, Abundance and Oneness…


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