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Aug 26 2011 - The politics of awakening

I just received a phone call from the tax authorities. It turns out that some information is missing from January and February of last year. I know that the information was sent by my accountant (I closed my beading company last year) and for the life of me cannot understand what's going on.

Also, I am not connected to time. It is very difficult to keep track of it. It is "fluid". The summer is almost over and there were only three days when I was able to connect in any way to the sunshine or the growth or the warmth. Only for a few hours on those three days I was able to really appreciate the season. Other than that, I have been "out of time". For at least a month now I have thought that it is September. I even went to the unemployment office two weeks ago, because I had an appointment scheduled for September!

I have been spending a lot of time at a forum for people that are critical towards "asylum shoppers". By asylum shoppers I mean people who come from far away developing countries, lie their age (to appear as minors), collect all the social benefits that they possibly can and commit crimes - the most notorious of them (from female point of view) is the so-called bush rape. A 14-year-old girl was gang raped by these asylum shoppers in Norway and she recently killed herself because she could not live with the shame. It is customary to rape women in the countries where these people come from and now this disgusting habit is here, because these people don't transform when they cross the Finnish border, they come as they are. If raping women was their pastime in their own country, they continue doing it here. I do not accept it.

I have been asking my guides on the other side of the veil why am I into this and they say that I am protecting the collective of the Finnish people. It appears that many nations have their own collective spirits. The Finns have one. This spirit is now threatened by the European Community's aim to have their countries inhabited by people with lower values. Another aim is to collect all the money from taxpayers to the banks - to make us all poor, to make us weak.

Well, I am already poor, thanks to the surrender process of the last years. The benefit of the process is the awakened state of mind where you can see the underlying, sinister processes taking place in the European Community. The most sinister of them is to ruin the free nations by deliberately creating chaos through introduction of "free movement", ie. letting countries be invaded by people who rape and rob and have values that oppose ours.

This is a great time of transformation when power is returned back to the people, to us. But not without our conscious effort. Therefore I ask all of you to step up and defend our rights as new human co-creators. This is our world.

As I was guided into politics, I know that our friends on the other side have opinions regarding our evolution. Go ahead, friends! What say you?


It was an arduous journey through density and darkness to bring light into human experience. It took centuries of sacrifice from many brave souls. It took you all that it could. Otherwise you would still be stuck to it. By releasing all that you were and had, you released yourselves from the baggage of all human experience so far. We know that it was torture for many of you. Our respect, human ones.

Now you will be claiming your true power as human creators. Now you will step up and be who you are, not who you think you are. The true you. The shining light. The values of creation, not the values of devastation. This is why you do not tolerate violence any longer. Act against it.

Finland is a nation that was born through hard work and oppression. The European Community wants power over nations. It is governed by people who only serve their greed. They do not care.

(A long pause.)

Your DNA carries the wisdom of your ancestors. Protect the wisdom. This is a sensitive subject so we come back to it later. For now, this is enough.

Stay focused and stay within your values. Stay alert. Stay calm. Trust.

The New Earth and the old earth are existing in parallel now. We know that many channelers are instructing you to just be, but we instruct you to act. Be the best that you can, in all the ways that you can. You will accomplish more by sharing instead of just being in your own bubble. Be with people. Be authentic. Be real.

Be real.

That was Elohim and I "felt" them smiling at the end with that "be real".

I know that I like staying in my own bubble, still it requires some effort to be with people even though it's nothing compared to last years when I felt like a jelly fish most of the time. I actually don't have to "prepare myself" energetically to be with people. It is coming back to what it used to be 14 years ago. Slowly, one breath at the time.

Well, Elohim said that we will come back to this issue so we will. In the meanwhile, I wish us all strength because the old world is still with us and chaos will probably continue shaking the old structures.

So we continue.

I am turning on the radio now to see what piece of music we are given to accompany this message.
Until the next time: courage, brave warriors of light!

The Rolling Stones: As Tears Go By.



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