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Jul 24 2011 - The pain of Norway

I woke up on Friday in terrible pain and was unable to move till afternoon, with the exception of vomiting out the pain. I said at home that this has something to do with Norway and assumed that the people we know there have some bigger difficulties, which I picked up into my body.

I was shocked when I finally got online and read about the bombings and killing of young people in Norway. The number of killed is 92 at the moment, but a few are still unaccounted for.

My guides said already at the beginning of this year, when I reached the end of my spiritual path, that I will not continue ascension work through my mind but through my body. This is the way it seems to go. My solar plexus is still aching and the whole body is stuck. My ability to focus is weaker than usual and I don't have the strength to do anything but the minimum. Mostly being.

During the spring the guides have told that chaos will be increasing and it serves the shift. It is difficult to see how killing people could do that, but maybe it works indirectly, waking the compassion in people. Norway is our neighbor. Whatever happened there could have happened in Finland.


Just now I am drawn to the name Calypso, written on the side of a bag. When I searched the internet for the background of the name, I found that Calypso could have originally been the goddess of death. According to mythology, Calypso held Odysseus on her island for years. An island, goddess of death - does this sound like what happened in Norway?

According to the origin of the name Calypso, it is the opposite of the Greek word apokalupsis - the opposite of "the end of the world".

The radio just went silent even though it seems to be powered on.

Time for a message.


Love acknowledges pain and nurses it. You are on your way to reality and on your journey you clear all the layers of the consciousness of humanity. Understand that through the events of Norway a huge level of consciousness is cleared. You don't have to accept what is happening, but you do have to allow everything that happens, bless it and let it go. Souls are eternal, remember that in the midst of your difficulties. Death is a portal to the next level of being. The grief of separation is immense, but stay in your hearts and have faith that the separation is only temporary. The soul never dies. The soul is. The soul lives. The soul always finds the ones it loves. Always. This is how it is created.

Do not think now what's about to come, stay in the moment. (The radio started crackling in the background, the sunny weather changed dark in a moment, soon it's going to rain.) Breathe. It is enough. (I look out and the nature is perfectly still, nothing moves and the radio went silent again.)

There are two worlds, one is the old one and the other is the new one. You are already living in both. Removing all attachments will still keep you occupied for this year. Next year the last attachment is removed and humanity is free to create. Understand how unbelievable this time is that you are living.

(It's thundering outside.)

Chaos cleanses. Breathe. We are the Elohim.


The radio started working again. Let's wait for the next tune, because it's meant for this message.

While waiting, for your amusement, I've started to write a book about all the oddities of my life so that those who experience these things later will get confidence from the fact that someone else has gone through the path and survived.

A friend suggested that I'd start doing love energy treatments for real. I'm thinking about it - I've been practicing it on the background for 8.5 years already. There are people of all ages, countries and religions that I've treated; love energy is not tied to any religion but it is the all pervasive creative force of life. Wonderful Love!

But now the tune:

Aretha Franklin, Freeway of Love. How appropriate! And at the same moment a huge downpour started outside, a real tropical monsoon! Chaos! Help, a lightning bolt just struck above my head!


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