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Jul 3 2011 - Living in two realities


Yes, we are. One reality is the old one, run by the "old world order" with its Bilderbergs, the other one is the enlightened one of truth.

I plunged right in the middle of the old reality and yes, it is challenging and requires constant alertness. And the horror of finding out how deeply asleep people are. It makes me sometimes wonder, what has been fed to us to keep us in a state of a mental stasis.

Another thing is the end of the world scenarios. They flourish! You could probably make big money by envisioning all kinds of wars, natural catastrophies and killer diseases - the full Pandora's box! People believe these scenarios! And that possible future is already erased through our work! What's going on?

I have not channeled in "forever" but now I do. Elohim, Pleiadians, Sirians? Angels?

The radio started playing Would I Lie To You Baby by Charles & Eddie. 

We are definitely in the zone now. =)


Just breathe. (My body starts swaying in energies.)

It is done.

The Light is making its way to people's hearts. One heart at the time. One heartbeat at the time. One.

People's souls are waking up with the new Light. People will gradually move from ego to heart, from mind to their soul. It is happening all around the Earth.

(The radio started playing U2, Pride (In The Name Of Love.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHcP4MWABGY )

Trust. Have Faith. Use your Courage. There is nothing to fear, there never was. Now you see.

The humankind will have a large project ahead of them: to re-build the Earth. To claim the land again. To cultivate, to make sure that everyone has a chance for a better life. You can do it.

(Sting, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7km4EHgkQiw )

You have left all of the old behind, yet you live in the midst of it. Every breath brings you closer to the closing of the old, dense polarity world. Rest. Your body will do the work now. Breathe.

We are Elohim. We love you. Always and forever, you are us.


The energies are very strong here.

I have lately learnt that both Light and Darkness are operating at our side now. Because we are free from fear, maybe sometimes feeling some echoes of them, but at the deepest level free, Darkness does not touch us, it is at the vibration-free state that exists as potential for new creation, creation through Light.

Yesterday a friend reminded me of BE-ing a human being. When I see this world ahead of me, all the new creation to be done, I feel anxious and wanting to start doing immediately - forgetting that we are still living in two realities.

Now let's see what is the actual song of this message:

Sasha, If You Believe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDgx6LNRFFU

You gotta love Elohim! It's all about Love!

PS. After 4.5 months of not meditating, I've started again. Small steps. I've also left the Evangelic-Lutheran Church because I felt that true Faith no longer exists there. Strength to all of us.



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