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Apr 21 2011 - The awakening of Finns


My membership in True Finns will be approved next week when the party has their meeting. 600 people have applied for membership in a couple of months.

There are big lies in the media around the world concerning True Finns. The YouTube video above tries to shed some light of truth into the situation. I know that there are many lightworkers in Finland who have now been awakened into politics, to bring the change. We altered ourselves by diving to the depths of ourselves. Now we are ready to do the same on the outside: to create the New Earth.

The change starts in an individual. Then the individual joins those who share their values, it becomes a national movement. When the nation is brought into light and each individual is taken care of by sharing, the movement spreads outside the nation. I guess this takes generations. So let's work for it.

I am not very good at making those video clips and had trouble putting the music in.


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