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Mar 31 2011 - Create???


This is an update on what's going on. I had planned on channeling last weekend but was fiercely kept away from any such activity. This week I tried to read one channeling by Celia Fenn (I regularly only read her and Lauren Gorgo's channelings that resonate with me) but was almost immediately interrupted by a cramp in my stomach and something thick in my lungs that made me cough profusely. I am kept away from anything spiritual!

Now I ask why, unseen friends?


Because you are now ready to take the role that you have been preparing for all these years. You are ready to create.

(I feel like I've been kicked out from the support system that I got so used to.)

Yes and no. You are supported and synchronism is showing you this. But you do need to be the authentic you because we have now given you all the tools that you need to create.


And that's all I get out of them.

It feels like I have finished the school but have no idea of what to do next. Create? How? What?

I stay perplexed.

The randomly picked Power Thought Card by Louise L. Hay says "I am willing to let go. I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and I am free to create that which is meaningful to me."

While I don't know at all what to do with my life from now on, I have this week joined a political party called True Finns (actually the name is Perussuomalaiset, basic Finns, but Wikipedia has chosen a very provoking translation for it), and continue translating the bear clips that I volunteered to do some time ago because I read in a newspaper article that they did not have money to translate them. Here is the first one in English. Bear is the national animal of Finland.


The musical message is Adam Lambert's Aftermath... amazing!



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