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Mar 12 2011 - Learning shared responsibility


The trash containers of this condo association were emptied yesterday so I was finally able to get rid of the cardboard boxes that occupied one corner of this apartment and already it feels "lighter" without them. In this condo association we also have rotating caretaker duties. It means that every six weeks you are responsible for clearing the snow from the common ground, putting up the Finnish flag if there are flagging days, and making sure that the ventilators of the sewers at the top of the roof are free from snow. I have never climbed to the top of the roof before so it will be a brand-new experience.

This week it is my neighbour's turn to be the caretaker, next week will be mine, but yesterday it snowed about 20 cm fresh snow which is really a lot for one day so I decided to help. The snow was heavy because it was plus temperature outside and the yard was surrounded by hills of snow so it was difficult to find any place where to park this new snow. After about half an hour the neighbour's father and brother came to help, they obviously live in the area. It took us about two hours of diligent work to clear the whole area. I leart that my neighbour had been working on a night shift and she was sleeping it off.

It was snowing almost the whole time and when I got back inside, I was soaked. But immensely happy. I knew that my neighbour was aware of the work ahead when she came back home in the morning; I saw her footsteps, deep in the snow, leading to her apartment. I knew how happy she would feel when she'd wake up and see the whole yard clear from snow.

I felt grateful to be able to help.

I am not touching the topical subject of the tsunami of yesterday. Why? Because we are all learning to help anyway we can - from within.


Each one of you is waking up now. I am Ajax, it has been a while.

(Ajax is one of my Sirian friends. It has indeed been a while.)

It starts with baby steps. Sometimes you fall. Then you get up and take another step. With practice you learn to walk the path of creator.

The word is responsibility.

To be a conscious creator means to be aware of the shared responsibility. You share this Earth and your life experience here. When you wake up from the ego-driven experience to the soul-guided experience, you start viewing the experience from another angle. You start seeking ways to help your fellow creators, whether they are awake or not. You want to make everyone's path easier.

Trust your instincts. You are guided from within now. You are your own guidance. Trust yourself.

The world will change because you all are waking up now. You are the change. Be the change. Be who you are. Dare. Believe me, you are all fantastic! You are the New Earth.


At this point I am surrounded by this strong elevating energy, so I'll just turn on the radio to hear the Universe's message for us. Interesting, the song is Phil Collins's Another Day in Paradise but it's not performed by Phil Collins. It is like a reggae version of the song and I don't know the performer. So be it. The change.


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