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Mar 6 2011 - 3D all over again


It is interesting how life has turned 3rd dimensional. Instead of pondering on celestial, galactic and multidimensional aspects of our shared experience/consciousness, life is here, now, and my main concerns are how to get the washing machine to work after the move of about a week ago, how to get everything in place as there is less space in this apartment than in the previous one, and most of all, how to get a job now that I am able to be around people without losing my energies.

The unseens, as Lauren Gorgo calls them, have fully respected my need for personal space; apart from the occasional flashes of light there's nothing. Even the radio is not plugged in yet, so I am not receiving the "cosmic messages". I try to set it up today.

But now, after quite many weeks, I am re-establishing the connection to the unseens. This is inspired by a lady who sent me feedback of the Book of Earth, saying that she had never felt so connected to the Creator. I also went back to reading some chapters of it and felt the resonation.

So here we go. I am emptying my personal flow to make space for... who? I resonate only with Light so the messages I channel can only come from there.



We have been with you for over a decade now and continue to support your journey. The Pleiadians are heavily involved in the human ascension work and participate in various ways. You have completed your ascension work and can now step into a conscious creator role. The adjustment takes time because you were removed from the so-called normal life to pave the path for others to travel. The path is made and you can sit back and enjoy life again. When you are needed again, you will know.

(It feels like nothing has really changed in this world, it is still the 3D that it used to be. I have just aged 13+ years since this started and lost everything possible, over and over again. One part of me is wondering if it was worth it.)

You are smiling, see? You know it was worth it. Each of you knows that you accepted the challenge to save others from having to take the harshest road. In your heart you know this to be true. Now you can truly rejoice because the others will have it easier. You walked into the darkness to light it up for others and to the void to mark the passage through it.

You may still have momentary doubts and feelings of insecurity. Know that you have passed the gate of mastery. Believe that you are the ones you came here to be. Allow the past melt away as you step into the path of conscious creation.

You are learning to control your consciousness, instead of your limitless consciousness controlling you. This has been the lesson of all these years. You can now choose what you bring to the earth plane through your consciousness. Right now you are limiting yourself, feeling fully in 3D, to learn to control your consciousness. That's why we keep the distance. It is your awareness that is adjusting to this new environment. It is you who is learning to monitor and adjust yourself.

Your light quota is still increasing but you, and many others, will experience it only through your body, no longer through your mind.

Enjoy your new life.


It does sound rational. I took total control of my awareness after the  lonely Oneness experience and disconnected myself from anything 5th dimensional. Now I know that it can be done, as challenging as it was in the beginning. I know that I chose values to bring into this new creation. I know that my "higher job" is to raise people's vibration. I've had experiences of interdimensional traveling, remote viewing, communing with many kinds of beings, I know how it feels to connect to Light of Love, I know how to be a channel for healing energies, I know how to safely tune up the light body of another person... so many learnings and skills that I am not using actively at all because I don't know how to do it. It feels like all the tools are there, but the idea of how to use them to build something is missing.

Well, it is what it is. Today I want to get the printer and radio working, continue putting things in their places, move the furniture... basic post-moving activities.

Ah, I forgot the internet radio, so now I'm going to connect to Groove FM to see what kind of a message we get to support this channeling, and this time it is Sam Cooke, Having a Party!

Another thing. Many people who have been sharing this journey know that when something big is happening, my feet take a blow in some form. Just this morning I "accidentally" kicked the suitcase on the floor with a toe... it does not seem broken but it hurts in any case. Something's cooking again.



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