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Sep 12 2010 - It is all Love


This is your loyal friend. I have been following you through almost all of your life.

May I tell you about your journey from a new angle? (Yes.)

The first part of your life was happiness and sadness of a young human, experiencing and growing. We tried to contact you when you were reading a book at the age of 16 in the kitchen at midnight. You got scared and we stopped attempting to connect.

We kept you aware of the other side throughout. You experienced unexplainable synchronicity that was far beyond statistical probability, remember?

When you were 33 years old you were watching television at your home when you felt me standing behind you. You drew an intuitive picture of me and when you realized what I had guided you to write under the picture (BAD PICTURE) you panicked and escaped to your employer’s pre-Christmas party in town that night.

And now you are here and I am here. You do not panic any more. You are tranquil.

You went through the process twice so that you can authentically tell people, what it is and why it is worth to go through. A human is a living witness to another.

After that contact almost 13 years ago, the universe has arranged everything in your life with utmost precision, nothing has been a coincidence. There are still a great number of people who have not stepped onto the path of awakening and they still exert some power of the free will, within their soul plans. They will start awakening soon and then there is a need for those who made the path easier for others to walk.

You and all lightworkers will spend the rest of your lives supporting each other. You will lead your lives in strong guidance, enjoying your new skills and power.

The journey has at times felt unbearable but now it’s over. I am your angel support, the one with whom you faced your challenges and believed that I am your adversary. When you saw through the illusion, when you realized that I had taken that task for Love to allow you to evolve, you were able to progress.

You are aware that there is no good and bad, and you are also aware, the Love is. You are aware that Love is in everything, when only you view it from a higher perspective.

Use that Love to support everyone who you meet on your path. For many the journey is only beginning; you and many other pave maker are already there.

It was a long journey. Recuperate. The work of the warrior of light is done. You can rest your sword and trust that the time of creating is beginning.

You are blessed and loved. We are all One.


This particular angel entity was my great tormentor. One time I broke my leg badly, and crippled and alone went through experiences that I will not share - it was part of my personal fear work. It took years, it felt endless.

One of the greatest experiences during this journey is that moment when I saw through the game. There was only Love so how could this entity bring me something else? There was nothing else, it was all Love. He had taken the task to walk me through my fears, offering himself as my adversary. When I realized how much Love he had for me, to assume that role, I felt gratitude beyond words. I cried deep and long. It was an act of Love in disguise.

I am sometimes contacted to help fight the negative forces. Every time the angel world signals me that I am not to interfere. I feel great sympathy for anyone going through the experience, but I know in my Heart that they will make it. It was themselves, as Soul, who wanted that experience to shed layers of fear from their human experience.

No matter how things looks like, it's all Love helping us evolve.


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