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Feb 11 2011 - End of a Chapter

When Luxonia website was being brainstormed, there were several crazy ideas about the motto for the site, one of which was 'Cosmic Lennon & McCartney'. All Luxonia messages up until now have come from cosmic Lennon, this one is from cosmic McCartney. Or vice versa.

These are her notes from a forum somewhere in the depths of internet:

Jan 31
"I went through an incredible state of mind. I was all that exists, the vastness of being, for about half an hour, while taking a shower and doing this and that.

I realized the value of the Earth. It gives me/us the possibility to experience all that I/we can. Oneness, when you enter fully into it, is a place where everything loses its meaning because you are all creation, what has been, what is and what will be. I am now separating myself from the vastness, to experience fully on Earth.

I think all aspects of me will reach that state through evolution and come out of it anew, realizing the importance of separation in unity.

I chose to return to linear time as a conscious co-creator and I am constricting my awareness now because otherwise I would not be able to appreciate the experience.

It is so true that everyone awakens according to their own timing and when you reach the state of one consciousness, you want to come back. This whole game is an illusion but it is designed for the consciousness to experience.

Was oneness of being, being one awareness, what I had expected? No. It was the loneliest place that exists and that's why I/we choose to experience separately.

Feb 1
"I have today been released from my spiritual journey to start living again. The simple truth that dawned to me last night when I was not able to sleep was that we are the power that we are looking for and Earth is best experienced as a responsible human. It was a collective effort so I believe all pavemakers will be freed, to make space for the next wave.

How to continue from now... I will make one last message of the whole journey and probably stop channeling and focus on living.

This is our home, the Earth. And I love this place and I love all of us. I know that everyone comes out with their own truths. I found out that the purpose of life is to Love, Care and Share with each other. It feels like waking up from a dream of 13 years...

Feb 2
"I know that I will be writing and making information available because I took the way of going through it with fully open consciousness. I tried to sleep yesterday afternoon and I was thinking: "It was a living hell, but I'm alive and proud that I made it and from now on I create my reality". A strong white flash appeared on my left and I smiled and said in my mind: "Thanks but go away. I'm not interested any more."

I know the angelic and other beings and energies will be around, but I want to experience at the Earth level now. Enough is enough. Anyone who says that I should explore further can choose to do it themselves and find out what it is - it's not a fairy tale. I want to live again.

My body still continues transforming, I have lost two more kilos in the last week or so, and still have this strange taste in my mouth, and eyes are still burning. Ascension continues but from now on it is only my body changes that connect me to it. My mind has had enough.

Great blessings and protection to you all.


That is all for the time being, we'll see what happens next.
And a musical message for all you brothers and sisters out there, Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World.


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