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Jan 29 2011 - Meditation

I have meditated quite a lot lately and almost always come out of it feeling better. I have never studied it, I started doing it by instinct and have had many kinds of experiences in it. Sometimes I astral travel to a planet that is burnt, it is covered by charcoal that still glows warmth. I dig myself into the charcoals and look at the starry sky. It feels home.

Sometimes I travel through dimensions to "open holes" to them so wisdom can be brought to our plane.

Every time my body is active with kundalini and I feel the meridians vibrate, it is always the crown chakra that feels most active, together with the spine. Lately I have had experiences of becoming full light, connecting to the source and grounding the light on Earth.

One time when I came back from an astral journey, I saw a huge head of a cat in front of me, staring into my eyes. I then learnt that felines are psychic protectors and that's why the Sphinx is guarding the pyramid temples in Egypt.

Many times I see symbols and beings in meditation. Sometimes I remote view.

One time I died.

Now my curiosity is awakened. Who would like to shed some light on this?




When your heart starts opening, you start increasing your light. I am light. You are light. One heart, one light.

Light connects you to light at various levels of being. Light is.

Every time you meditate you go within your heart, deeper and deeper. The way out is to go within.

By going deeper within, you expand. You are all that exists. One.

By becoming larger, you shed more of what you are when you are small.

The way out is the way in.

Meditation is the way in to expand to what you are. You are all.

When you travel through the vortex of expansion, you release your experiences, what you have been. You release fears, expectations, the old template of human experience. You become free of polarity. You unite duality. Your thinking becomes focused. You bring your vast beingness into you. You drop labels. You see. You create.

You join your intent with other yous who share the journey within. You bring the vastness of being to Earth level.

Meditation is a way within, to find your vastness within, to bring it to your earthly experience.

The void exists so that you can release yourself from the old.

Create well.


I was surrounded by very strong energy while channeling that and made some yoga movements in the beginning, instigated by my body. And had very focused, clear thinking and felt... huge. Like I was everything, one awareness.


So meditation is the way to bring the Oneness here on the Earth plane. And by making the journey we become free of the old.

I am now going to enjoy this energy of vastness and just write here the Universe's song message which today is Aretha Franklin, You Make Me Feel Like A Natural woman.


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