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Jan 27 2011 - A new game



In the awakened state you can see the game and how it is played. You were detached from the game because you are to change the rules. You came here to change the rules, to change the game altogether. Why? Because the old game is played to the end.

Can you see through the illusion? The people who are asleep and still play the game? Individuals who think that they deserve more than others? The egos?

In the third dimension ego mostly equals darkness. It is only when a person journeys within that the ego starts letting go of its drive. And the soul starts shining.


This is a brief message delivered to me by my higher self. Last night I was reading a channeling by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, here:


and when I read the end part with all the eleven numbers, my mind simply "zapped" into a higher level of awareness - I identify it as my higher self because I have had experiences of being in this state before. It is a very calm, powerful and courageous state in Truth. This state of being demands that I start stepping up to my new role which is nothing else than to change the world by serving it.

Yesterday I joined a movement, this one:


Here is the video that made me do it:


Tears came into my eyes when I saw the video. We have created the injustice. It is now time for us to create justice. For everyone. For everything. Children of Mother Earth, claim your power. There is no authority beyond you. Free yourself from the illusion. You are a sovereign citizen of the Earth and more. Claim your power from within. You are the creator of the New Earth.

Today's radio message is from Viola Wills - If You Could Read My Mind.

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