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Jan 26 2011 - Briefing of this and that

Yesterday I got information during meditation that Internet is not safe until March 2012. Why?


I am your Pleiadian friend.

On Internet, at forums and elsewhere, you expose yourself to all kinds of energies and that's why you have your heart chakra blocked, you are protecting yourself from outside energies by closing your chakras. Chakras function as communication channels.

Energetically there is no distance. Energy is now, here, present. When you communicate with people that have hidden motives you can feel it. There are some very dark forces operating behind masks and you have experience of them. Nowadays they lurk in many places, for example forums.

(Yes, I have been jumping from one forum to another, when the energies have changed.)

Stay grounded and in your own power and you will be fine.

(What about March 2012 then?)

Trust. You don't need to know everything in advance. You are aware of the forces and it is enough that you keep your power to yourself and stay grounded whenever possible.

(I have been through a mind-body-spirit electrocution since the eclipse of December. Why?)

To become new. Do you remember all those times when you "plunged through dimensions" as you say? You are transforming into a being that can connect and communicate with those dimensions. You are already a new human, now you become more to help the humankind. There are hundreds of thousands of you doing this. Ascension is a fact. Now the job is to make it easier for everyone.


Hmmm. I'm now turning on the radio and the message is: I Believe In Miracles by Hot Chocolate...


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