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Jan 24 2011 - A parrot


It started last night. I suddenly thought of a parrot that is kept captive in a pet shop in the town where I live. I met this parrot the first time 4.5 years ago. He has become very aggressive since his girlfriend died about a year ago. He lives in a cage that is 1.5 meters wide and deep, 2 meters high. You might think it's a good size but I got frustrated. A parrot who's life span is about 65 years, held in a cage, not being able to fly, living alone in a pet shop. It seems that with the creator consciousness comes greater awareness of just about everything. You simply cannot accept a parrot being kept captive. Animals belong to the nature. I know that there are serious things happening all around the world and I am thinking of a single parrot. I feel ridiculous but I cannot help it. Remu, the parrot, is probably telling me something.


No, it's not ridiculous, it is feeling the responsibility. You are thinking from new perspectives now. You realize that a parrot belongs to its natural environment, not in a cage. You are connecting with the nature now.

Nature is providing each species all that they need. That parrot is showing you how humans are living. You want to demonstrate your superiority by taming all the species that you can.

This will evolve. In time you will feel much more and also change your diet to vegetarian. You will not be able to eat meat because of your wider awareness.

Take it easy now, you and everyone. It requires adjustment to be the new you. Allow the thoughts, feelings, everything, taking place now. You are adjusting. It might feel ridiculous to worry over one parrot, but it is just showing that a new level of caring is emerging.

To be awake is just that. To be aware. In time that parrot will fly again because you and others care. In time the earth is a good place for humans and other species to live in, because you care. Caring is Loving.


And that was Ajax from Sirius. I feel this inner urge to change the world, to free the captivated, to make everyone's life the best it can be, to free us from the boundaries of our minds. We could be living in a paradise now, instead of serving the international corporate system that uses us as slaves.

The radio message of today: Randy Crawford - One Day I´ll Fly Away...

I am adding a video clip from YouTube here to demonstrate that parrots are lively, intelligent beings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6Hy5HW1y6Y


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