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Jan 23 2011 - Second day of being a creator

The energy! It takes some adjustment to be a creator because you start seeing things from new perspectives. The injustice of this world becomes overwhelming. Thoughts are crisscrossing in your mind. Thoughts that you have not thought before. Thoughts that ground you in the here and now.

Yesterday I learnt that I am part of the rainbow warrior family. I don't know how to proceed from this moment on so I do what I always do: trust the process and see how it unfolds.

The two radio channels that I listen to while channeling or when I finish are Groove FM and Radio Aalto. Here are the links if you are interested, you can listen to them online. It is amazing how it works. You turn on the radio and the Universe starts communicating with you through music.



And let's see if we get some information from our other-dimensional friends.


We are Elohim.

It is real.

You are awake now.

From now on you create. The sleeping time is over. The polarity of Earth is now experienced. There will be some chaos coming and that serves a purpose. Chaos mixes energies. Without chaos it would not be possible for the Rainbow Warriors to change this world. Chaos is your ally.


Chaos will take place in the form of natural disasters and many secrets will be revealed.

You are safe. Chaos serves a purpose. It serves you now.

Polarity consists of stability and chaos. Before you can reach the next phase of stability, you need chaos. The stability of Earth, now, is unjust for its inhabitants. Therefore chaos needs to shake it so that you can create anew. What has happened inside of you will happen on the outside. The Lightworkers of this world went through tremendous chaos in their lives to free them from what was, to become new. You cannot be new if you carry the old with you. The time of unity is coming. It is real.


Yes, it feels like the last 13 years have been chaos, one cycle of letting go followed by another, until there was nothing to lose anymore.

The highest feeling I have at this moment is the feeling of responsibility. I feel like I am responsible for... everything.

Three days ago I had a dream. I was held captive in a prison camp, being tortured, like everyone else held there. I was a soldier. At one point I claimed my power from within. I became a superbeing that could grow as big as I wanted and I could change my density at will, to become also invisible, you could walk through me. I grew tall, maybe 30 meters, and tore down the prison camp. I told the guards to take all the prisoners to the border and take good care of them. I went to the border of this country and tore down the fences. I remember thinking: "No more violence." As this superbeing I watched the jeeps travel to the border and I kept an eye that no one was being harmed on the way. It was not nice to be tortured but it was nice to have the power to change it.

This is our mission: to change it.

Today's radio message is Kool & The Gang's Celebration. Wow!


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