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Jan 22 2011 - Becoming a creator


If this is craziness, at least it is progressive and not dull. I have known for years that our goal is to become conscious creators. Now I am one. How does it feel? I am aware beyond my body. I am part of something larger than me. My body has become alive and it's stretching and moving by itself, it is part of the awareness. I guess the recent re-alignments of meridians, numerous upgrades at cellular level and the last renewal of nervous system, together with the activations of brain, did the trick. I am not sure if this state is permanent or just a trial, but let's find out.

I know that this is the moment to channel because earlier I turned on the radio and heard The Bee Gees singing Staying Alive which has become a signal song for me. I love that song!


This is the New Earth. Are you experiencing this permanently, is up to you. There is much for you to learn now. You are new. You are in connection with the higher aspects of yourself and in tune with your body.

(My body is stretching the spine as I write this, feels great!)

Your spine will continue evolving. It houses the values that you chose and you start creating by expanding them through creating. Yesterday the lights of Trust and Faith were released for your use. In time the full rainbow is in your use. Practice with Trust and Faith. As long as you can keep their lights up, you stay in this state, the 5th dimensional New Earth.

(Will I still stay in guidance, like so far?)

Now more than ever. You will continue channeling messages to reduce fear of people. When people are pushed away from the comfort zones they are afraid. You and other wayshower channellers are here to make their journey easier. You took the toughest road to show that it can be done. Now the road is marked for everyone. You have experienced the extremes so that you can guide everyone safely through. That is the next phase.


That was a Pleiadian friend. I plan now to stay in this creator state as long as I can. I can tell you, loved ones, that this feeling is something worth pursuing. At this moment of now I am in tune with all that exists. I don't see limits. I feel like... I am... a creator. It is like I am here, but in the stars at the same time.

Santana is singing Hold On on the radio. I will certainly hold on for all of us!


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I am editing this message because last winter Elohim, during meditations, inserted values into my spine. I know that it sounds crazy. It felt like someone is pushing tennis balls into your spine. Then, during meditations, I needed to enter into higher realms of existence. I plunged through so many barriers of awareness that I have forgotten how many there were. Today, after I read Steve Beckow's message, I wanted to share this picture with you, I made it last winter. It shows wings. But what are those wings made of? Today I realized, after reading the message posted in Steve's website, that they are those values that I chose, in use. They spring from the spine. The rainbow of values. Read of the Hopi prophesy here:


We all have wings. What we carry within us, as souls, are our wings. We come to these densities to learn to fly back to where we came from. With experience.

Earth is our Mother here. Now, let's help her to be our Paradise. She is ready, we need to re-member.

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