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Jan 9 2011 - World of values

Many companies boast of having values. By the end of the day, the highest value is to bring maximum profit to the shareholders, at any cost. If production is considered too expensive in one country, it is moved elsewhere. CEOs receive ultrahigh salaries, no matter how many people were laid off or outsourced during the accounting period. Politicians that are supposed to take care of our common interests take care of themselves and the industrial interests. People do not matter.

The New Earth is all about higher values. The first wave has been stripped from all that was old; beliefs and possessions, even identity. Layers upon layers were peeled off, leaving the individual bare and empty in the eyes of the world. What they developed during the process is a deeper, higher and wider awareness of this world and possibly the next one - many first wavers are only now coming out of the process, being amazed that they are still alive.

Awakening process, simplified, means becoming aware. Once you wake up, there is no going back. You can never close your eyes again. You can not shut down your awareness. You see the truth. You see how unequal and unjust the world has become. You know the world needs to be changed. It does not belong to the select few. We are all Mother Earth's children.


I am Ajax, your Sirian friend.

Many civilizations go through the ego phase, just like humans do within themselves. If they survive, because ego-led culture often leads to destruction, they reach the next level, a higher awareness and consciousness. This is also the time when other civilizations come to assist. For the humankind the time is now. We have come to help you.

(I am hearing It's Raining Men on the radio.)

This is the time to claim your personal power and use it for the common good. Courage, power and higher, heart-based awareness are the keys for change.

(Does this truly mean that the endless release work ends, because honestly, what is there left to release any more?)

Yes. The release work of the first wave of Lightworkers is completed now. You came here for this. If you want to build something totally new, you have to tear down what was built before. This is what you were doing within yourselves. You needed to tear down the old to be able to build something totally new. You have done the inner work. You are the base of the new world. What remains of the old is your chosen values that you start expanding to create new.

(I am hearing What A Wonderful World by Sam Cooke on the radio.)

Trust. You are not alone, the lonely years are fading away.

Trust. You are well prepared for the New Earth.

We will become more visible to the humankind. You are not alone.


And that concludes Ajax's message for us. I have, indeed, been wondering how we ever created a world like this; it should be our honour to take care of each other, to make sure that everyone has as good a life as possible. Fundamentally, I think we need to get rid of money.


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