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Jan 4 2011 - The New Species, continued still

Operation "back to the saddle" continues and I am not letting the Pleiadians have it easy - I am at them again. Pleiadians, what would you like to share with us? (Immediate energy hug.)


We share!

(A long pause, they seem to be enjoying the suspense.)

Ok. It's not that we don't want to share, we are working here at the same time. Now some spinal work and then tests.

(Again a long pause where my back is moving, let's go to plan B, Elohim!)

Plan B?

New species again?

Spine is the major platform for human changes and the changes are done incrementally, not at one go. Also your light quota is increased incrementally, your system needs periods of adjustment. Imagine that you are now a plant that one day will be a large, strong tree. Such a tree needs good roots, a strong trunk and the ability to transform Light into an Earth form energy. That's you.

(I'm a tree?)

Not yet.

(At this point I resort to plan C. Angels!

The energies feel pretty joyful here! This time I'm hearing the radio while channeling and now I'm hearing Soulman there.)

I Am Archangel Rafael. I am also part of this team working on your system. The spine is very important in ascension. It ignites the kundalini that lights up the system and lifts it to a permanently higher level of experiencing. The spine houses specific codes of light as well, the ones that you call values.

(Simply Red and Stars on the radio.)

Once you ascend and move permanently to a higher level of experience, these coded lights, values, start expanding, becoming the base of your experience. The aim of humankind is to create a better world for the humankind. You need firm values to achieve that.


Alright. It seems that the team is busy so I leave them to their work and just flow in the energy that continues to be joyful. Today I choose the song. It is Bee Gees's Staying Alive. I have some history with this song and find it extremely uplifting, the whole package is simply hilarious! See if you can get a laugh by watching it on YouTube, thinking that the guys are Pleiadians in disguise. Blessings!



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