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Jan 3 2011 - The New Species, continued

Still getting back to the saddle of channeling so I will commune with my favourite source, the Pleiadians.


We are here.

Let's talk about life. Some of you are having what we call experimental life. You are transformed from what you used to be. You are new.

Every cell of your body is new, it has a new coding of Light. You are not fully activated (sorry for being technical) yet. When you are fully activated, your senses are heightened and you have some new ones. You become interdimensional. You can travel in the cosmos. You learn how the angels are able to be in many places at one time. You become an awareness that is able to direct the focus in more than the Earth plane.

Those of you experiencing the experimental life have many beings supporting you, working on aspects of you. You may seem alien to the mainstream of people, not on the outside but when you share your experiences, they cannot understand. It is beyond their comprehension. That's why it is of utmost importance for you to communicate with each other. You validate each other's experience as well as leave the information on the Internet for others to find, when they are ready for it.

Speak your truth. Share your experiences. Dissolve fear. Where there is fear, there is an ego. Where there is an ego, there is fear. Work to quiet the ego. Meditate. Trust. You are safe and you are Loved. You are Loved.


And this message was enough for this session. The connections are coming back but I don't want to push it. Small steps...


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