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Jan 2 2011 - New Year, New Species

They have always been here, the seeds of new human species.

Throughout times and lives they have strengthened the seed in their heart, to one day let it flourish. The time is now.

The seed of Light. The seed of Love. The seeds of the highest values, starting to grow and open the Rose in the Heart.

It is now.

Feel it.

The new human species of Light.

I am Archangel Jophiel.


Today I was touched by the kindness of a very special person who offered her help. It left me speechless, wordless, thoughtless. It has been a long time since I channeled the last time. This feeling of immense gratitude felt auspicious to try and channel something, to get back into the rhythm. My body is swaying in energies now, finally it feels like the heaviness of the turn of the year is lifting. I also feel the Pleiadians here.


Yes, we are here. This year will mean further changes in aspects of experiencing. More people will become aware of the planetary ascension that coincides with the human ascension.

More people will become aware of the guides in their lives.

More people will awaken to their higher levels of consciousness.

More people will start questioning the purpose of their experience.

It is happening now.

Physically many will experience their kundalini activating - and now we are talking of the mainstream, not rare individuals. Kundalini is the tool of ascension. When it is fully activated, it heightens, deepens and widens the experience. The awakened human race is a new species who remembers their origin.

For the pave makers who have been doing their inner work for about a decade now life will become much easier. If there are any release cycles left, depending on the individual, they pass quickly. At the northern hemisphere light is increasing with the coming spring. Use the sunlight to charge your body. It will increase you light quota just like meditation does.


Hmmm. I think this was enough for this session and returned me "to the way" - kundalini is working in the spine, I feel the energies, very cool ones, surrounding me, and I am hearing Des'rees You Gotta Be on the radio...

New year, here we come! Make it graceful for all of us!


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