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Dec 20 2010 - Quest for Truth


The last weeks have been a quest for personal and collective truth. Plunging through layers of illusion has been hard work for many Lightworkers, but it has uncovered something precious for each of us. Our personal essence. Who we are, who we choose to be, who we choose not to be. It has been like a quest, with harnesses and swords, almost like war.

Many of us took a retreat during this period to examine ourselves. It was deep gazing into our own eyes through the mirror, observing others, finding distructive patterns, learning to stand in our power without letting anything from the outside take us off balance.

Personally, I have been receiving quite strong signs lately: snakes, Pandora's box and Medusa. This is also what I was experiencing in my daily life. I had been blogging at a place that is regarded a forum of Lightworkers. It turned, at least in my experience, to equally be a place for Darkworkers. It led me to study my essence, my two sides, the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine, the light and the darkness. During the journey, I was protected by both the snake and the tiger, mutually respecting each other, both teaching me their own way: the way of the yin and the way of the yang.

This lesson was so important that I even stopped channeling to have a full experience without anything interfering.

I became connected to my Source, I learned to follow only my higher guidance coming from my Source, I learned to invoke my power and stand in it, not letting anything trespass without my permission. I am going to keep it that way.

I learnt that if you don't stay alert and focused, there are forces that try to invade your space and use or even take away your energies. There are beings that will gladly drink your light if you let them. They even use people to do their work for them. I had always been careful of what kind of energy beings I am involved with, but I had not realized before - although it is obvious now - that humans are also energy beings with many of them having their own agendas. From now on, I pay attention.

I have learnt that there are people who claim to be of Love and Light but when you see them without their mask, they are anything but.

Many things are happening at the energy world right now. My advice: claim your power, stand in the middle of it, don't let anyone outside of you to enter your sacred space without your permission, cut the cords to anything bringing you imbalance, and follow your own guidance and no one else's.

This is the time to born into our true selves and to stand in our own power, with our swords of truth raised high. This is the time of irreversible change.


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