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Nov 26 2010 - Migrating to higher states of being

You are ascending. It is certain. There have been alternate plans, now only the ascension plan.

You may feel like you are in a waiting mode. At one level you are, while other aspects of you are transforming to allow the "you" to ascend, as one unity.

Lately you have been bringing into your being new light, new kind of energy that has had profound effects to all your layers of being. You can access all the levels that you are beyond the human experience. You may have been experiencing moments as soul, higher self, angel, Elohim, god, light, One; you may have been growing angel wings or felt them put in place; moments of blissful Love, Joy and Happiness and maybe more. Then you adjust, wondering if something went wrong because you feel so human again and the world around you seems as if it has not changed at all. But it has, because of all of your ascension work. Every time you raise your personal vibration, the total of humanity raises. You are all doing fantastic work. You all have a specific role in the ascension plan. Some of you are here to work relentlessly for the ascension by increasing your light quota that increases frequency and vibration, some of you are here to maintain balance, some of you are here to release humankind from the polarity grid through your personal release work, or you might be doing several of these - everything is interconnected and you all are working toward the same goal: ascension of humanity.

Everything is evolving perfectly. In time you start experiencing longer periods in the states of your higher and larger selves. When you ascend, those higher states of being will become your experience. You will have the innosence of your soul, the wisdom of your higher self, the creator capabilities of Elohim, the infinite Love of angels, and more, according to your readiness, as well as your willingness. This readiness comes through your personal inner work, aided by the collective work of everyone. The willingness comes through your free will. Yes, you will assume your free will again; many of you gave it away to fulfill the Ascension Plan, to do your utmost for the humankind. When you assume your creator role, you will start using your free will again to create the new earth, together with other co-creators.

You will not lose your personality in the process, although at times you may feel so. Your ego is also ascending, it is shedding off the parts that belong to polarity. You will have a part of your ego also after the ascension, but you might call it your higher ego. All aspects of you will cooperate in harmony, reflecting the same to your environment.

Now, feel and go with the flow. If you feel tired, sleep. If you are hungry, eat. If you want to step out of your spiritual work, do it. If you don't want to do anything, just be and breathe. You are fine. Each of you is doing an excellent work, each in your own way.

All is well. LIGHT has arrived. You are Loved.


This message came from the Earth Elohim. I have been doing a lot of grounding this week, feeling somewhat disconnected from anything spiritual, basically not wanting even to be in contact with people, just be within myself, in my own bubble. I think the "medicine darts" of the Sirians were exactly what was needed to balance before the next round.

The musical message to us from the Universe is Toploader's Dancing In The Moonlight...



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