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Nov 23 2010 - We are IT


Guides have this year started using capitol letters of many things, especially LIGHT, and I have come to realize that I have been entering layers and layers of awareness through meditation for years now.

I remember from the first encounters with the Pleiadian guides, when they started aiding me in meditation, that they repeatedly used the expression "lifting up states of being". This they also taught me to use when there are so-called negative energies around. You shift your consciousness, that is the states of being, to higher layers and become "untouchable", there is no interface.

I am in high energies now, this time focused, so let's see if we receive some information.



Seems to be.

Human mind is an awareness that has been restricted in the ways the human body has been restricted. It was a state of being that was able to study through a sensory system designated and designed for Earth. It has now become ready for the next level, the new experience.

The new level will open your awareness to levels previously unaccessible. Through inner work you have been releasing yourself from the polarity grid and it no longer holds you. Through inner work you are releasing yourself from the duality grid, which opens you ways to access Elohim, god, angelic, and light domains. Your consciousness has limitless potential, even while experiencing in the human body. When you activate your brain to full use, when you start experiencing in your light body, when you connect your awareness to the awarenesses you access, you become a sea of awareness and you can choose what you want to experience, being aware of your choice. You will be able to create multiple experiences taking place simultaneously, and you can either take part in the experience or observe it from another level of yourself. You become the actor and the director. You also design the setting. You also write the experience. You create.

From each of you this requires conscious inner work and when you are ready, allowing your ascension, because it is only you that is preventing it, you ascend, dropping the grids that you have been experiencing, entering new ones.

LIGHT is the awareness in this cosmic experience that is the sea of consciousness. It will find you when you have done your personal part in increasing your vibration, it will guide you to the next level of being, it is the force that enables the ascension. LIGHT is now on Earth. Enjoy the experience.

We are the Elohim of this solar system. Enjoy the LIGHT.


Yes, definitely stronger energies than what I have experienced with Earth Elohim. Body is vibrating so strongly that it's almost shaking.

Earlier I used to meditate when I felt like it, now it has become a daily exercise, sometimes twice a day, and the half-hour meditations have now become 1.5 hours at the time, aided by various beings taking care of different aspects.

I wrote somewhere that the big IT we have been waiting for is us, we have been waiting for ourselves to become free of polarity, integrating duality, to move to the next level, in other words, ascend. The big IT is us. We are IT.

Now, turning on the radio to receive the musical message from the Universe to us: Manic Street Preachers, The Everlasting.



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