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Nov 18 2010 - Human Elohim Archangels

I started reading a message of Shambhala this morning but was stopped by a memory of a dream, years and years ago, where I flew over the mountain tops and saw this lush, green valley between the mountains and there, a city of gold. I asked my guides what is that place. They said that it's Shambhala and one day I will go there.

Another connection was through Jesus and Maria of Magdala. I don't remember if I told you that this year in a meditation, the energy of Maria of Magdala settled in my heart, whereas Jesus's energy connected to a "line" leading from my crown chakra to higher states of awareness. After this happened I was given a symbol. Two pyramids appeared, one pointing upward, the other one down. They moved until they formed a star together.

The energies are very high here while I'm writing this, hands are shaking.

(Back after a small break.)

Last winter Elohim was integrating my values to my spine, it felt like someone stuffing tennis balls in it, it took months.

Again, last winter, Archangels "installed" my wings, this also was an iterative process, and when I saw them the first time, I cried of gratitude. I was able to make them as large as I wished, they were like "living rainbow" with beautiful colours flowing in them, etheric wings.

At the same time I was going through deep releases, facing deepest fears, letting go of "everything", in cycles of surrender, surrendering also myself.

And here I am, once again, with an injured toe that allows me to walk only short distances, basically incapacitated, experiencing within.

What to make of all of this? As I have been "handed over" from Elohim to Archangels, let's ask them.


Let us first introduce ourselves. Archangels are a domain in etheric realms where we realize the feeling based structures. Elohims realize the experimental structures.

Now we unite to become something new: Human Elohim Archangels. This is what the new human species is about. Elohim brings you the wisdom of creation, we bring you the wisdom of infinite Love. Birthing a new species has required much cooperation, having the star civilizations take care of the engineering of the body. There is a group of souls who are on this planet to be the first ones to embody both Elohim and Archangel aspects. As twin flames, Maria and Jesus knew the integration so their energy has been present to facilitate the integration of Elohim and Archangel. These aspects will become your awareness, you.

You are all detaching yourselves from the old to become the new. It is especially challenging if you have based your value on what you own and how people perceive you. The essence of you is Light and Love. That is the part that travels All. Your bodies are adjusting to the new LIGHT at a fast rate. Allow it the time to adjust, take it as a necessary "maternity leave" to birth the new you.

We are with you every step of the way. We love you eternally as we are One.


I am quite without words... I like the idea of this maternaty leave, it gives a new perspective to our shared experience.

So, radio on to hear the message: R.E.M., Everybody Hurts...


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