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Nov 14 2010 - Angels' Angels

We are from the angelic domain and we vibrate between guardians and archangels. If you want to define the level, you can call it angels' angel. Also angels evolve and ascend. We are the guides of guardian angels. We follow evolution in other dimensions, finding soul beings to ascend to angelic path. Everything is interrelated. There are many paths to Light and One and beyond.

In this ascension cycle many souls will shift to angelic path to experience our domain. Many of you already exist here. Become aware of your wings.

We are aspects of Love. Yes, Love of Light has aspects and the angel path is ascension in Love.

We are not tied to dimensions but can move freely within them in multiverses. We are not very well known because we do not use form, we are consciousness, we are like music that travels in the wind of beingness, healing, balancing, tuning.

Now our consciousness is here, we have heard the call.

Just be and let us...


At this point my body starts... tuning? I feel gentle energies permiate my body, like slow wind passing my being and I feel tranquil, almost like falling asleep soon.

Years ago I was given three symbols. It is like a pyramid turned 90 degrees to the left. One pyramid means Angel/Love, two pyramids drawn next to each other means Angels' Angel/Love and three pyramids Archangel/Love. Angels used to use these symbols to identify themselves. Only now do I understand the double meaning, the ascension path of angels in Love.

Angels ascending in Love. Sounds glorious. But that's what angels are, glorious. I am soon shifting my consciousness to a better alignment with them, to heal and balance, but before that, the music message of today: Bon Jovi, Always.

I wish the presence of angels be with all of us now.


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