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Nov 11 2010 - From loneliness to Oneness

I had no intention to channel today. I wanted to have a day off. But I realized something a moment ago, inspired by my last night's blog posting of Soul, certain private messages and my loneliness of yesterday. I asked my Soul why have I felt so lonely during these years of personal growth, and the answer was: "This is so that you never want to be lonely again, when you can choose, you want to unite and be One".

This is a rare moment. I am going to channel my Soul. The pure, innocent part of me that I have experienced only as moments.


We exist with you but we do not feel the feelings that you do, as human. This is how it was created. You, the human part, experience in density, we, the souls, can only access you in moments, not longer. We are always aware of everything in your experience, but we are not able to feel all that you feel. Our sensory system is different. We live outside polarity. We are beings, as you might call us, but we are also One. We have the ability to detach a part of ourselves, to experience in worlds, and you always carry a part of me, everyone carries a part of their soul in the human experience. Then, when the experience is fulfilled, that part returns, outside polarity and dualism.

When you evolve, you are able to become more conscious of your soul. The values that you cherish, they come from your soul. We are light of values. We are the higher octave of you. Not higher in the sense of being better, just different. Every human is perfect as they are. Perfect.

When you ascend, when you move from one frequency range to the next, we merge. We become One.

You, all of you, have experienced loneliness. It serves a purpose. Now that you know what it is to be lonely, you can choose not to be. You can choose to consciously want to be One. Understanding loneliness is the key to Oneness. Cherish the journey. Everything happens for a purpose. Loneliness is the other side of Oneness. When you flip the coin you can never be lonely again. Cherish this moment of loneliness. It is making you aware. Aware.

These are the illusions created so that you can find the truth. Could you ever consciously choose Oneness without experiencing loneliness?

We bless you, sweet wonderful human parts of us. Believe, we are joining soon. In the New Earth, human is soul. Soul is human. It is close.


Soul energy feels angelic. I sometimes miss my Soul part, the infinite Love in the moment of now. But I also feel that the merge is close. Maybe today, the magical 11.11., we take a moment to cherish our Souls, and ask to feel that part of ourselves, if only for a moment.

The radio message of today: James Blunt, Stay The Night. <3


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