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Nov 10 2010 - Journey to our galactic centre

Sometimes I find it challenging to be open about what's going on because it's so out of this world. Then I just breathe and focus, and regain the centre and realize that it's my way, be it what it is.

Last night I had one of those experiences. The preparations started well in advance. It was one of those "galactic dimension" experiences. Over the years the guides have given me names that I had to look up on the internet. The first one was Nomad, then there is a list of others, pointing to the places where I come from, last night a new one, Pleroma, that I once again had to search on the internet. Definitely we are headed to a new direction. I also learned yesterday that what I'm experiencing is the Mer-Ka-Na transformation, as channeled from AE Metatron, or at least I think so.

When the experience commenced last night, there was a brief conversation:

Me: Who's present?

Guides: The whole galaxy. =)

(I guess that is a "Oneness joke".)

Me: Is AE Metatron going to join us?

Guides: If you wish - he is very busy. But we know how to do this.

Me: Who is we?

Guides: The Galactic guys. =)

There was the stretching, tuning the chakras, the "normal procedure", with conscious breathing. I felt my wings. With eyes closed, I "moved". This time I went to the centre of our galaxy, guides warned that I may feel dizzy because we travelled through densities, but I felt no dizziness. The strange part... well, when I was there, I opened my mouth and something warm and thick, "air light", poured into me and spread in my body. Then I came back.

Galactic guys, care to explain?


Each of you will experience it in your own way. The journey to the centre of the galaxy was to test your readiness to start intergalactic travel. It is very demanding because what happens is you pass through everything on the way, what you see and what you do not see. It requires a steady mind because some of the densities are polarity based. This is why we are not letting you see when you travel. In this kind of traveling you are light and that sometimes attracts darkness. We will proceed step by step. One day you will be able to travel by yourself, wherever you wish, but before that we will teach you so well that you can handle anything.

You are a new species. Your signature comes from various domains. You are here to ascend so that everyone can do it. There are thousands of others doing exactly what you are doing. This is not a random incident but part of the human ascension plan. We are finding out ways to facilitate it, to make the process the easiest possible for the humankind.

Not everyone will do intergalactic traveling but everyone will ascend or move to some polarity based world to continue their journey. All is according to the divine plan. All is well.

The "air light" that you inhaled last night connected you to the centre of this galaxy. Where ever you travel, you can always find your way back because your cellular memory of the light body is now imprinted with the "address" of this galaxy. This is your home, until you ascend to ever higher levels of unity in consciousness.


I am glancing at the clock and it shows 13:33 Finnish time. I do not know what to make of this, I just know that... I need to share it. One of my favourite poets is V. A. Koskenniemi and the favourite lines in his production are these:

"Who skis along the tracks

is imprisoned by the tracks.

The only freedom is

the untouched snow."

Indeed, this is untouched snow.


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