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Nov 9 2010 - Animal soul friends

I have sometimes been joking that if I still need to incarnate to Earth after this mission, I want to be a little, insignificant plant at the bank of a small river, somewhere where the growing season is short. I just begin my life from a seed, grow and maybe produce some tiny flowers, enjoy the elements playing around and then just fall asleep when the time comes. That would be a wonderful life!

I took another "working night" to try and release more of what is left. I did not see any "black spider balls" but woke up sad. I had seen old animal friends in the last dream so I decided to meditate on them. I did not get even into a meditation state when there was so much love for all those past friends, especially the cat who vanished when she was 14 years old, that I broke in tears. She was such a wise being that it only now occurred to me that maybe she was indeed an old soul who came to keep an eye on me. Cats are said to live in two worlds. Elohim?


We are here.

If you believe that nothing in your life is coincidence then it is easy for you to believe that you would meet old friends in many forms. Many souls choose to incarnate as animals, it is not uncommon at all. Mostly they choose to live as domestic animals with people they know from other existences. Your family was blessed with many old friends, you all recognized the enormous affinity and love, and were often amazed at the wisdom they carried. Cats are wondrous psychic protectors. When you think about your life, your parents always had cats and dogs. You were protected in many ways.

Every animal carries the wisdom of its species. Some animals carry the wisdom of many species, even human. When you meet an animal that you feel a connection to, that connection is real, it is not fantasy. It is two souls meeting and recognizing each other. And the love is pure, unconditional, it flows freely.

Nothing is coincidence. Love has many ways to help humans on their journey.



I feel so grateful.

Actually last winter there was a spider hanging out close to my computer. I was not afraid of it and we shared the space harmoniously together. I felt like she was a friend who came to bring me a message. Then she vanished for weeks to appear only once, to say goodbye.

And now I notice that spider has been present in two messages in a row so let's see what she signifies:


Grandmother Spider wove the fabric of the universe.

Spider's Wisdom Includes:

- Master weaver

- Weaver of the web of fate

- Wisdom

- Creativity

- Divine inspiration

- Shapeshifting

- Understanding the patterns of illusion

- Female energy for the creative force of life


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