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Nov 8 2010 - Multidimensional mastery


I have been having so many new guides and developments lately that I have asked my original guides, the Pleiadians, to come and stay with me for the time being, to gain some perspective over the last 13 years. Oh, they gave me a blue flash right now. They are assuring me that "the whole path is okay". I can do with a little bit of reassurance from them, last night was a night of cleansing that I had requested beforehand. It is good to have them every now and then, to avoid blockages.

In my case, when I plunge "into the depths" and wake up, I see this "black ball of spiders" that fades away after a while. Even if I don't remember anything of the dream, I know that it was a cleansing one when I see that ball.

In the early years I thought that this ball was some entity but lately I have begun to think that it is a reflection of my deeper layers. The bigger it is, the deeper I went. Last night I went in deep because I saw a very active ball for 30 seconds when I woke up. Or that's how I think it goes.

I have never asked before what this "black ball" actually is and I am not sure if the Pleiadians are the right guides to answer, but they have been around so long that I assume they know all about me anyway, certainly a lot more than I do. So, Pleiadians, the forum is yours. (Radio is playing at the background Keep the Faith by Bon Jovi.)


We are with you now. It's alright now. Feel our presence before you continue.

(Simple Mind's started playing Don't You on the background.)

You are becoming multidimensional. You are experiencing the heights and the depths, streching and expanding yourself.


To be released from karma when your soul contract ends is one thing, to consciously release yourself from memories of past is another thing. Karma is the passive aspect, personal release is an active process. You are going into the depths of yourself, releasing yourself from what you don't want to carry with you any more.

(I thought that I had done that part already...?)

Mostly yes, but not all of it. Part of your personal change is to become aware of your participation in dreams, to show your personal mastery in them, too. You choose dream rooms to enter, to come out a master of yourself. You don't just go into dreams, you choose them by what you want to experience. Many dream rooms are collective and evolve, some you create only for yourself.

As you appear to progress in time as human, so you also progress vertically, through dimensions. Dreams are one dimension. To show mastery at human existence is parallel to showing mastery at dimensions where you co-exist.

The "black ball" tells you your status. If it is very "alive" and tangible and stayes long in your vision, it means that you did not resolve that state of being yet. When it is light by density and vanishes quickly, you are close to resolving it. In other words, you are expanding your values to all levels where you recide, simultaneously releasing what you no longer wish to keep as part of yourself.


Thank you, Pleiadians. I hear Morning Has Broken on the radio, by Cat Stevens. I will go into that beautiful vibration now, wishing all of us a blessed day.



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