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Nov 7 2010 - Master of Human Life

It is not easy to be a human, not easy at all. You have come here to learn all there is to learn of human life, all aspects of it, the good and the bad. It is a journey into true humanhood.

You are given breathers every now and then, to make an inventory and to gather your strength, and then you continue.

If this is your last life on Earth, you are probably testing yourself throughly, because this is the life where you choose the values to bring to Oneness, to the Book of Human Wisdom. Then you ascend.

The learnings are simple in the beginning, they get more challenging through life times. When one lesson is learned, another one commences. Even when you have learnt a lesson, you may want to re-test yourself, to show your mastery. Master of Human Life. Even if we are not able to appreciate it's full value, because we are still living it, we will after we go back Home.

We come from many places. Many of us are like quilts, we carry energies from many Homes. Many of us have been experiencing here from the Lemurian times onwards, and now, after hundreds and thousands of lives, we are free to return Home.

What will it be like?


We are the Earth Elohim. We love you.

Coming home will be like ascending to heaven. For any soul that has experienced human life, Home is Heaven. It is freedom. It is Love. It is abundance in the richest forms you can imagine. It is rest, and joy, and wonderful remembering.

Imagine going to a big city where everyone knows you, everyone is your friend, everyone wants to cherish you and caress you for descending to humanhood, to lift it to the next level of experience. Who in their right mind would have chosen to do that? You did, because of your essence of Love.

Now you are finding each other, connecting, amplifying your Light. Every time you find another soul sister or soul brother, your Light increases. This is the time to unite, to become the human family of Light.

Trust your guidance. Believe in yourself. Accept that you are Light and believe that you are worthy of Highest Good.


"...a big city where everyone knows you, everyone is your friend, everyone wants to cherish you and caress you for descending to humanhood..."

I truly appreciate this image... that is how I would imagine us being here after the ascension of humankind...

The radio message of today is Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away. The song mentions dragonfly which has been lately appearing in my life, especially last night, so let's see what it signifies:

Dragonfly's Wisdom Includes

- Mastery of life on the wing

- Power of flight

- Power to escape a blow

- Understanding dreams

- Power of light

- Breaking down illusions

- Seeing the truth in situations

- Swiftness

- Change

- Connection to Dragon


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