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Nov 5 2010 - From dial-up to wireless broadband

I tried to look up a channeling telling about the FM/AM switch, posted earlier by another channeler. As I am not able to find it, I am using my own terms from telecommunications, dial-up and wireless broadband respectively, to emphasize the difference.

It started probably last night, when I had the latest "galactic experience", this time not online, but I have saved the record on notepad. What is becoming apparent is that we create a sphere around us, just like in Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Then through crown, third eye and heart chakras we are able to access the grid and move there. The "manual" is still underway as last night was the first "solo flight" and sure there is a lot more to come.

This morning I had a lucid dream. I was in a place where there were a bunch of us, "energy people". I didn't know anyone. They all looked weary and stressed out, most of them seemed like they had not slept in ages. I was walking there when I spotted one who was transparent, I could only see his edges and the sparkling inside, like I normally see my guides. I walked to him and almost through him before he exclaimed: "Hey, don't trample on my toes!" He made himself more solid, opened his mouth and I saw energy coming out in circular waves. Then he turned me so that he stood behind me and I saw those waves passing through me, like the waves came now from my head. It was powerful energy, yet very different from anything I knew. After a while he stopped and I realized that he had been using sound at a frequency that I was not able to hear.

I started waking up, but remained at the level of meditation. I heard someone saying to my right ear four times, quietly: "Hey." After this the "single receiving channel" widened to what I can only describe as broadband, it was huge. I stayed in that state learning to tune it lower and higher, to mute it altogether, then came to the fully awake state. I realized that in that lucid dream something was activated in me.

I hear that Archangel Jophiel is here to comment.


The galactic travel and your receiving/transmitting capabilities are connected. You will learn these in parallel, one is a prerequisite to the other.

Last night, as you noticed, your exercise was not facilited by the Sirians but by us, Archangels. The method to create the grid travel is with astral wings. We are in charge of the wings.

Many people are experiencing physical sensations especially in the area of their shoulder blades, in preparation for their wings, that is visible for them in a constant need to move their shoulders back and stretch their arms backwards. Everyone can aid this process by actively stretching.


In those few lines above, thank you AE Jophiel, is a lot of information for me to "not think of" but just to go with the flow.

We are living interesting times, indeed. And today, let's see what message the Universe wants to share with us through music: Sting, Fields of Gold. Hmmm. This is cryptic.


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