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Nov 2 2010 - Level 7

I went yesterday out to say a hello to Jupiter who was once again shining brightly at the sky. I was playfully saying to him that it would be fun to visit his 63 moons one day, and got a reply: "You are me. I am you. We are One."

Earlier I had asked Jupiter, if he has a message for us and the answer was very short: "Expand".

I also meditated twice. The "intergalactic experiences" involve such high energies that I had not been able to ground since Saturday. In the first part I was accompanied by Earth Elohim, in the second, Archangels. I do not remember which one it was where I entered something called "level 7". I tried finding information on the Internet but could not find anything. I think Jupiter's suggestion to expand and this "level 7" are interrelated, so let's ask about it.


I am Archangel Jophiel and I am the one who lifted you to level seven. There are layers of existence and you passed now another layer on your journey to your essence.

All humans are combinations of existences. Many of you carry lights of angels, creator gods, star civilizations, even beyond this universe. And don't be offended, but many of you also carry the lights of animals. It all depends through which route you chose to evolve. Many of you chose a very long route, starting with elements, experiencing plant life, animals, even insects, with very limited perception. The earth's evolution is human evolution. There is nothing that separates you from the earth. She is you as you are her, you carry her history in yourself.

These levels are where you come from and where you return. You exist beyound human life and when you leave the human experience, you return to where you come from. In meditation you are becoming familiar with these domains so that you are free to choose what you want to experience next. You are reacquainting with yourself, in other words.

The first step is to awaken to realize that you are an eternal spirit experiencing human life. Then you start releasing yourself from polarity, realizing that everything is and has always been perfect - all has been created for the experience. When you accept this, you choose your values to take beyond the human experience, the values are integrated into you and you become those values alive, you move beyond duality and you ascend.

To answer your question of level 7, that is where I am, with a multitude of angels. I will take you there again, and through every visit you become more aware of yourself and who you are. Today I am with you.

We love you, all of you. We are all One.


I feel this very gentle energy around me, very graceful. Right now I don't need more words; just feeling the energy, communing through Love.

Today we even skip the radio message...


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