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Oct 29 2010 - Galactic Dimension, part 2

Last night was another take to the "intergalactic experience", and again, underneath this channeling, I'll add the chat conversation of last night. I asked in advance if I should do it in meditation or online, and the response was that if some records wish to be kept, it's better to do it while online.

Prior to the experience, I decided to take a sauna. While I was there, contemplating on what's to come, some galactic entities joined me there, informing that the contract is sealed. Shy as I am, I took a moment or two when I decided that enough of sauna. It reminded me of old times when Finns would always have their most important business and political conversations in sauna. Tradition seems to be alive. =)

Ajax and his Sirian team were very active during the exercise, so I gently request Ajax to tell us what happened last night, from his point of view.


Gladly. The Pleiadians have been working on the base structure of your body. We were powering up the system to see how much light you can handle with the current setup. As a representative, you will be moving in dimensions and your body needs to hold variable vibrations, to attune as is necessary to the prevailing conditions.

Your body already knows how to hold its own power, how to increase it through crown chakra and many other things that you will become aware of during the process. We want to guide you through gently. This is why it all happens step by step. You become familiar with the process and furthermore, you stay balanced. Balance is important because anything beyond it is imbalance and that is where the number of symptoms raises exponentially. Balance means reliablility.

The next time for testing is Saturday evening. In between we will be making adjustments as is necessary.

There are many kinds of galactic bodies that will be joined by Earth representatives. We will be with you every step of the way and believe us, we will not let you down.


Thank you Ajax and the team!

Here is what went on last night. I have removed comments not related to the experience at hand.


Oct 28 2010

20:20:28    Zasa    Ok, back from sauna, hmmm, that I took with the galactic guys

20:21:13    xxxxx   how did they like the steam

20:21:16    Zasa    First an orb, then galactic guys. They confirmed that the contract is sealed and today it starts, whatever it is

20:21:55    xxxxx   and of course they don't tell anything in advance

20:22:23    Zasa    Well, it was strange, because I normally bail out when the temp reaches about 55 degrees, now I stayed until 70 and it felt cool

20:22:50    xxxxx   maybe this is cool

20:25:08    Zasa    The whole thing is a little bit hazy but I think it will clear in time... I also asked if I can really see them and they said yes, I can also join them in star ships

20:25:51    Zasa    At that point I had a sudden attack of disbelief so I had to trace back all the unexplainable incidents of the past to believe even a little

20:26:42    Zasa    They said in sauna that the experience starts in one hour but I didn't have a clock in the sauna

20:27:15    Zasa    I also asked if I should do it in meditation or online and they suggested that if any records are needed, it's always better online

20:27:49    Zasa    Love is Right Now, on the radio... this is a better play list maker...

20:28:18    Zasa    Sorry, The Moment of Our Love by Negative, oops, where did that negative come from

20:28:29    xxxxx   cooler than cool

20:30:48    xxxxx   vibes of this ..

20:31:49    Zasa    I am tuning here at the background, just opened crown chakra

20:33:18    Zasa    The first stretching also happened, arms extremely wide

20:35:49    Zasa    Ah, neck straining

20:36:35    Zasa    Patience, on the radio...

20:39:06    Zasa    Stretching continues here, neck and shoulders

20:40:42    Zasa    Here shoulder blades have been flexed, it's like following some checklist

20:44:46    Zasa    Third eye and crown chakra activated, communing with them, I guess

20:44:54    Zasa    I have moved to a mild meditation state

20:45:51    Zasa    Energy hug!

20:48:26    Zasa    Heart chakra being tuned, a lot of energy flowing around, also I see eyes

20:51:17    Zasa    Blue flashes

20:54:45    Zasa    Still blue flashes and heart chakra being tuned

20:58:41    Zasa    White light connection through crown chakra, in deeper meditation now

21:01:22    Zasa    Synchronization of body states, whatever that means

21:01:44    Zasa    My head is moved from right to left, front to back, gently

21:01:59    Zasa    Ears ringing occasionally, this will continue for a while

21:02:51    Zasa    Solar plexus being tuned

21:03:37    Zasa    Head is full of light

21:03:53    Zasa    kundalini rising

21:04:23    Zasa    chills

21:04:35    Zasa    but still smiling

21:04:42    Zasa    balanced state

21:05:03    Zasa    more light

21:06:19    Zasa    cool angel energy holding my hand

21:07:03    Zasa    ...took my hand to my heart

21:07:28    Zasa    more light

21:08:30    Zasa    lower body being worked on

21:08:48    Zasa    more light

21:10:12    Zasa    tunings done, moving to the other space now

21:10:48    Zasa    easire than liast time

21:11:17    Zasa    eyes okay

21:11:25    Zasa    hand hot

21:11:26    xxxxx   typo phase

21:11:55    Zasa    it's like a curtain between me and... don't know

21:12:10    Zasa    white energy everywhere

21:12:24    Zasa    holding well

21:12:36    Zasa    more focus than last time

21:12:44    Zasa    okay

21:12:56    Zasa    testing

21:13:24    Zasa    focus good, balance good, energy steady, senses okay

21:13:40    Zasa    energy stabilizing at all levels

21:13:55    Zasa    tryout

21:14:01    xxxxx   are you go?

21:14:07    Zasa    smile

21:14:30    Zasa    i am here but not

21:14:42    xxxxx   sounds like a rocket launch

21:14:49    Zasa    distance between me and screen is unreal

21:15:03    xxxxx   'all systems go...'

21:15:24    Zasa    smiling

21:15:29    Zasa    hands so hot

21:15:41    Zasa    whole body stiff

21:16:37    Zasa    gently does it, feel the power now, circuits holding, testing again

21:16:43    Zasa    trust

21:17:19    Zasa    hold it

21:17:33    Zasa    shaking

21:17:51    Zasa    all systems ok

21:17:56    Zasa    Wow, I'm back

21:18:18    Zasa    Weila!

21:18:32    xxxxx   so it didn't go to 'we have ignition'

21:18:42    xxxxx   or did it ?

21:18:43    Zasa    I think it went well, it was Ajax doing the writing at times

21:19:12    Zasa    I think some power testing was involved, my body started shaking a little

21:19:24    Zasa    again, not uncomfortable

21:19:44    Zasa    It was... intense

21:20:02    Zasa    I tried to focus on looking at the cursor

21:21:09    Zasa    I was asking Ajax if this was it and the answer was no, we are only now starting the work

21:21:46    xxxxx   system test run ?

21:22:08    Zasa    Looks like it, and from what I read, sounds like it too

21:22:29    Zasa    I am "post-stretching" here

21:22:48    Zasa    The body seems to have a big part in this

21:23:19    Zasa    The mind's only job seems to be maintaining balance

21:25:04    Zasa    Yes it felt like I was some kind of system...

21:25:19    Zasa    I am laughing here, sorry

21:26:31    Zasa    It was a lot easier than last time

21:26:46    Zasa    Well, eyes feel a little bit different again now, but not much

21:27:01    Zasa    And there is no hotness, just a little bit watery

21:27:16    xxxxx   latest fixes worked then

21:30:30    xxxxx   will this continue still today, any idea ?

21:43:15    Zasa    I have no idea... Ajax says Saturday is next experiment, still adjusting to do...

21:45:05    xxxxx   in that case i'd say this is it for today


To wrap-up, the radio message of today, exceptionally in Finnish: Neljä Ruusua (Four Roses), Valuva Taivas (Spilling Sky).


Lyrics freely translated.


Spilling Sky


Was everything better before

How would I know that

They say the world is changing now

Yet here we come and disappear



Burning Earth and spilling sky

Screaming for Glory and God

Every night and every day

Will remain in history, in the end forgotten


Were we already crazy then

when we walked around the Earth barefoot

In the evenings praying for peace

The enchanted people on their knees





Was everything better before






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