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Sep 11 2010 - Values


You are part of a holy process of human ascension. For the pave maker team of Light Workers the work has been tough. To be able to ascend means to leave all that you have and are behind. Many of them needed to die at some level while living.

This was necessary to make them what they are now becoming, a new species that looks like human but is value-based with great awareness and personal power, a creator of Earth.

In geometrical terms the old experience was like a flat square with extremes of polarity at the edges. Ascension means that you rise from that square to a new level, making the square a pyramid. When you make the shift to the fifth dimension you lose contact with polarity and start creating a circle around you, ever expanding, through creating with your values.

Each pave maker chose, consciously or subconsciously, a set of values to transfer from the old Earth to the New Earth. These values were integrated as Light into their spine during meditation and sleep.

When the pave makers all together rise their kundalini and make the human shift occur, the values are released for their personal and collective use in creation.

Every pave maker has chosen Love as their highest value, but there are many more: Joy, Abundance, Sharing, Health, Wisdom, Trust, Faith and many more.

The new era of creating is beginning. Now it is only a matter of synchronizing it. You are Blessed. We are the Elohim of Earth.


Indeed, all through last winter Elohim was working on my spine, first making space for the Light of Values and then integrating them in the spine. At times it felt like someone is trying to stuff tennis balls in the spine...


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