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Oct 27 2010 - Galactic Dimension


Yesterday, in day time, I was informed that the Galactic contract is finalized and that I will have visitors later on. I will record my experience after this channeling, as I happened to be chatting online. Ajax and his Sirian team are here and they were also here last night when it happened. Ajax, what actually happened?


Entities contacted you. You were moved from your dimension to an adjoining dimension where you can contact and be contacted by species unknown to you so far. Your role is to record what they wish to share with humankind.

It is time for the humankind to become aware of other species in this galaxy. The orbs are not only used by Angel beings and Ascended Masters of higher dimensions, they are also transport vehicles used by these Galactic envoys. They are very advanced technology and ever more people will have a contact with them - it is a gentle way to become aware.

Last night's experiment was to test your readiness for this work. Power systems functioned as anticipated, only your senses were not working properly. We will work on them now.


Last night I was chatting with friends. We were playing the "radio game", listening to the same radio channel online, assigning songs to ourselves and then see what comes.

The fun was interrupted by our chakras being tuned, not only mine but the other members' as well. A couple of times my body "took control", started stretching arms, back and neck to the extremes, to the point that it hurt.

This is what happened next (I have removed the references to the songs and added 'from guides' to the channeled part):


20:24:59    Zasa   3rd eye activating again

20:26:25    Zasa   It's so wide now it blows in my eyes

20:28:57    Zasa   Full body energy experience..

20:31:41    Zasa   Olen jossain 5D:ssä nyt.. (In English: I am in some 5D now..)

20:33:48    Zasa   Another layer of perception, still there

20:33:56    Zasa   it is also affecting the computer

20:34:09    Zasa   I stay here a while, seeing what this is

20:34:36    Zasa   it must be the energies here

20:35:28    Zasa   I am like in deep meditation, third eye fully open, eyes hurt, diferent dimension

20:35:35    Zasa   sorry tpps

20:36:06    Zasa   a srange staeto be

20:36:41    Zasa   This might be beteen 3 and5 d

20:36:51    Zasa   I am connected to both

20:37:14    Zasa   I am coming back now

20:38:01    Zasa   Oh, it was hurting the eyes to be there

20:38:59    xxxx   what does your guides say about that experience?

20:39:14    Zasa   Oh no, I did not even connect to the galactic guys while there!!!

20:39:22    Zasa   It felt so strange

20:39:51    xxxxx  you weren't supposed to..

20:39:56    Zasa   Ok (from guides): This is where you contact and are contacted by the union.

20:40:15    Zasa   (from guides): This is the space in between two worlds.

20:40:34    Zasa   (from guides): Practice. This will be the new evolution path.

20:40:44    Zasa   (from guides): No death.

20:40:59    Zasa   Interesting!

20:41:13    xxxx   indeed

20:41:29    xxxxx  agreed

20:41:35    Zasa   My legs also went numb

20:42:00    Zasa   It was almost impossible to type

20:42:16    xxxxx  we could see that !

20:42:32    Zasa   I corrected one word probably five times before I accepted that I cannot type

20:43:02    Zasa   It was not at all unpleasant, only eyes were not able to adjust well, they felt... hot

20:43:05    xxxxx  was it 'tpps' ?

20:43:09    Zasa   ...and watery

20:43:18    Zasa   is that the typos part?

20:43:59    xxxxx  your guess is as good as mine

20:44:06    Zasa   So that channeling is going to be different with these guys - a dimension in between

20:44:53    Zasa   Yes, and computer did funny things, flickering and... extending the music

20:45:24    Zasa   My forehead is really hot

20:46:04    Zasa   I need a moment at the terrace, hot energies again

20:49:34    Zasa   Back, eyes and forehead still feel warm


What is very intriguing in that report of events is where the guides say "this is the new evolution path, no death".

And to complete this message, let's see what the universe wants to signal us today through the radio: Queen, Who Wants to Live Forever...



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